GE CARESCAPE B650 Multiparameter Monitor

September 25, 2018
GE Carescape B650

GE Carescape B650


Multiparameter monitors are incredibly useful in healthcare. They are found in all hospitals, clinics, and surgery centers, and some physician’s offices. Soma Technology carries a wide range of multiparameter patient monitors. Soma refurbishes these monitors back to OEM specifications. One of our best selling monitors is the GE Carescape B650. Click to read more about this monitor.

GE CARESCAPE B650 Monitor Features

The GE Carescape B650 has many technological features. It combines the best of Marquette and Datex-Ohmeda technologies into one platform. The intuitive design allows for ease of use between all skill levels. Innovative algorithms help caretakers to make accurate assessments and decisions for the patient. The color display is quite large at 15 inches and makes it easy to read patient’s parameters. These parameters include; temperature, pulse, SpO2, non-invasive blood pressure, EK-pro, ECG and 2-way MUSE communication.

This multiparameter monitor is compatible with some existing Marquette electronics and Datex-Ohmeda components. There are dedicated software and parameters for anesthesia, PACU, Critical Care, Emergency Care, and NICU care areas. There are between 8 and 14 waveforms with overlays available for the ECG. Integrated USB ports are for a keyboard, mouse, barcode readers, and data entry device attachments.

GE CARESCAPE B650 Specifications

This monitor weighs at least 21.6 pounds without any attachments. The lithium-ion battery can last for up to 150 cycles with a run time of 1-2 hours. Total charge time is around 3 hours. There is a carrying handle, but some professionals prefer for this monitor to be mounted, or on a nearby table. A paper recorder is optional.

Requesting a GE Carescape B650

If you have enjoyed reading about the Carescape B650, and are interested in more information, please contact one of our sales representatives. They have experience outfitting hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics. They also sell equipment for physician’s offices. You can either contact them directly by their number or email, or by 1-800-GET-SOMA, or [email protected].

Final Thoughts

Have you ever used the GE Carescape B650? Are there features on it that you think work especially well, or some that you would change? Is GE a brand that you trust? Have you had a good experience with GE products? Comment below!

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