GE MAC 1200

May 22, 2018
GE MAC 1200

GE MAC 1200

GE MAC 1200 EKG Machine

EKG machines are found in all hospitals, cardiac units, cardiac clinics, and cardiologist offices. EKGs are also found on ambulances, and can come as a feature on some patient monitors.  Soma Technology only carries capital medical equipment from top market vendors. GE is one of our most trusted original equipment manufacturers.

GE MAC 1200 Features

The GE MAC 1200 has a variety of technologically savvy features. This compact machine has a variety of features with a 12 lead EKG. Other features include a waveform LCD display, interpretive EKG, built-in battery, and field upgradability.

GE MAC 1200 Specifications

This is a lightweight portable machine that can be easily transported between patient rooms. There is a dynamic range and a digital sampling rate of 1,000 samples per second. The display is a liquid crystal display with 320 x 240 pixels. The displayed data includes; selected lead group, operation mode, lead check, heart rate, AC filter, muscle her, ADS, gain, speed, name, ID, and 3 ECG waveforms.

The writer uses a thermal array printhead type. Z fold paper is used. The keyboard is a membrane with tactile feedback. Special functions include anti-drift system, baseline adjustment, electrode monitoring, and automatic performance test upon power on. The battery charge time is 4 hours. The total unit weighs about 12.4 pounds.

Requesting a GE MAC 1200 EKG

If you would like to request a GE MAC 1200, you can do so by contacting one of our qualified sales representatives. They can be reached at [email protected] or at 1-800-GET-SOMA. Our quotes come at up to 50% off the original equipment manufacturer’s cost.

GE Parts

We thoroughly stock spare parts for all of the equipment we sell. Each part can be found on, or you can reach our Parts Department at 1-860-578-1033. Common replacement parts include screens, batteries, ECG cables, leads, paper table, main supply board, and many more products.

Final Thoughts

Have you used the GE MAC 1200 EKG? Are there features on it that you enjoy, or some that you would change? Are there other EKGs or products from GE that you have used in the past or use currently? Comment below!

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