GE Venue 40

April 6, 2018
GE Venue 40 - Portable Ultrasound - Soma Technology, Inc.

GE Venue 40 - Portable Ultrasound - Soma Technology, Inc.

GE Venue 40

Portable Ultrasound

The GE Venue 40 portable ultrasound machine is designed for ease-of-use, minimizing examing time, and producing high-resolution images. With its intuitive pre-configured applications, for anesthesia, MSK, interventional, and point-of-care ultrasound, the Venue 40 makes scanning easy. The touchscreen interface makes navigation a breeze.

This system has no buttons, no keyboard, and no knobs to complicate the process or slow you down. The touchscreen is easy to navigate. For cleaning, the screen can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. This machine is designed for pain management and regional anesthesia practitioners, including settings for superficial deep blocks, vascular access, pain injections, and perioperative cardiac assessments. Overall, the Venue 40 is a versatile and affordable system and even easily cleaned for the surgical environment.

GE Venue 40 Features

The GE Venue 40 has many features that make this ultrasound stand out from the rest. It has needle recognition that helps provide accurate vision in three key areas, needle anatomy, and motion. This helps accurately reveal the structure of a needle within anatomy without distortion. Clinicians can precisely visualize their targets and surrounding anatomy with defined edges and detail. It also features Power Doppler Imaging (PDI) and PDI quantification.

PDI highlights the vascular sensitivity for the fine vascularity and shows low flow. When diagnosing and monitoring, PDI sensitivity helps verify the presence of blood flow helping detect small vessels, inflammation, and disease states in both adult and pediatric patients. The advanced Color and PDI quantifications help evaluate the amount of blood flow within a specific area giving clinicians more confidence in a proper diagnosis.

Other features include a high-resolution color 10.4-inch LCD screen and standard cine memory with 120 MB of storage. A removable secure digital storage is also included as a feature. Loops storage from memory, Automatic Optimization for Auto Tissue Optimization, and the ability to measure distance and area are also standard.

GE 40 Specifications

The entire machine weighs around 8 pounds. It’s easily transported between patient rooms, and around medical facilities. The console has a tablet-like design with a lithium-ion battery pack. 1 transducer port with an SC-connector is also available with a speaker, and stylus. The Docking station and a docking cart are available options.

The display on the Venue 40 has an 800 x 600 pixel display, and allows for a 170 degree wife angle view. There are certain packages available depending on your discipline including; musculoskeletal, vascular access, anesthesia, point-of-care, and interventional. Please let your sales representative know so they can help you choose the best option. Transducer options are linear array, phased array, and convex array.

The Venue 40 has B-Mode, M-Mode, Color Flow Mode, PDI, B-Steer, and needle recognition as operating modes. The different software features include applications, PDU, M-Mode, DICOM and B-Steer with needle recognition. The hardware options are a battery pack, docking cart, docking station, 3-probe transport, and transducers. Media and peripherals include a USB thermal black and white Sony UPD-897 printer, memory stick and footswitch as optional.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever used a GE Venue 40? Are there any features that you enjoy using or that you would change? Comment below! View a list of more of our ultrasound machines!

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