Is the Wilson Frame Right for my Facility?

October 23, 2019
Is the Wilson Frame Right for my Facility?

Is the Wilson Frame Right for my Facility?

Even some of the most experienced biomedical engineers need help choosing equipment and they defer to medical equipment sales representatives. Our team of sales representatives can help you decide if the Wilson Frame is necessary for your medical facility, or if your individual specialized field can benefit from having one of these on the surgical tables. Click to continue reading more about the Wilson Frame.

Why is the Wilson Radiolucent Frame Necessary?

Frames are necessary in that they are used to stabilize surgical tables. The stabilization allows procedures to be safer, and to do more specialized procedures like a laminectomy or a microdisectomy. The stabilization of this table is necessary for the surgeons to have a safe environment for operation. Any mishaps in equipment can prevent the patient from recovering in a timely manner. Safe incisions and surgeries are far more successful than ones that may not be as closely monitored. When surgery is not closely monitored, there is an increased risk of a sepsis infection. Sepsis is when the body poorly reacts to an infection and releases chemicals into the blood that threaten the structure and systems of organs. By having a radiolucent frame, surgeries can be practiced in a safe environment.

What is a Laminectomy?

A laminectomy is when a surgeon removes part of the lamina. The lamina is the part of the spinal column that encloses the spine in a bone-like material. A laminectomy excises a part of the spinal canal. A laminectomy is commonly used to relieve pain from spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis happens when the spinal canal becomes too slim and touches the nerves of the spinal cord. The lamina is widened to reduce pressure from the spinal column. The Wilson frame is also used in microdisectomy procedures.

What is a Microdisectomy Procedure?

A microdisectomy procedure is performed on patients who suffer from herniated lumbar disks. A herniated lumbar disc is when the soft center protrudes through the outer wall and the gel is being squeezed through the opening. If this disc comes in contact with a spinal nerve, the patient will feel severe pain. Symptoms of this include back pain, a numb feeling, or leg pain. This can happen in either of the two lumbar discs which are located below the waist. sometimes, pain becomes so bad that surgery is a necessity. The surgeon will work to remove parts of the disc so that the spinal nerve does not have as much pressure on it. Over 80% of people will feel better after having a microdisectomy.


Wilson Plus Frame for Spinal Surgical Tables - Soma Technology, Inc.


Wilson Plus Radiolucent Frame 

The Wilson Plus Radiolucent Frame is a stabilizing machine that helps in fortifying the surgical table. This is used in maintaining patients in a flexed position for Laminectomy, Decompression, Disc Surgery, and Microdisectomy procedures. There are two models for the Wilson Plus. One model is designed to fit on the Mizuho OSI modular spine frame to maximize hip flexion and minimize lordosis when used in conjunction with the leg sling. The other model is the Wilson Plus Universal Design which is used on modular table systems and to safely position patients without lifting them. Features of the Wilson Plus Radiolucent Frame include a 360-degree movement of unobstructed radiolucency. Other features include lordosis control, ShearGuard gel pads, an easy-to-use crank system, and convenient transfer and storage. The weight of the frame is 40 pounds, with a 6-inch height of lateral adjustment of pads. The Wilson Plus frame can hold a patient of up to 300 pounds.

Model Fit for the Mizuho OSI

The Wilson Plus Radiolucent frame is specifically used on the Mizuho OSI. It helps for maximum hip flexion and minimum lordosis by using the designated leg slings. Mizuho is one of our most trusted brands, and we have many surgical tables available from them.


Mizuho OSI 5943 Spinal Surgery Top - Jackson Table - Soma Technology, Inc.

The Mizuho OSI 5943 Spinal Surgery Top is one of our most widely requested items, in addition to the Hana Table. This spinal surgery top has a carbon fiber construction with an open frame design. There are many features including a carbon fiber frame for complete radiolucency. Other features include unrestricted C-arm access in case there need to be images taken of the patient while they are in surgery. There is a 360-degree patient rotation option and can be used in conjunction with the radiolucent imaging top. The lateral tilt is 25 degrees in both directions, with a hand pendant of the advanced control base which controls the height, lateral tilt, and reverse and Trendelenburg positions. The open frame reduces vena cava compression, minimizes epidural venous bleeding, and improves visualization at the surgical site. There are customized support pads to enhance the positioning of patients with varying body types. The patient weight capacity is 500 pounds. The length is 64 inches and can be extended to 102 inches.

Purchasing a Wilson Frame

At Soma Technology we have a dedicated team of sales representatives with many years of medical sales experience. Each representative has been thoroughly trained and has experience in outfitting, hospitals and surgery centers with medical equipment. Click here to look up the sales representative for your area. You can also call 1-800-GET-SOMA, or email [email protected] for a quote request. You can also request a quote through our website. Make sure to ask our sales representatives about the other frames that we also sell. As well, we sell many other products and medical equipment units to outfit surgery centers, de novo projects as well as hospitals and physician’s offices and clinics. As well, please ask about our rental and rent-to-own options.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever used a Wilson Frame? Would you say that this piece of equipment is necessary? How would you rank it in comparison to other pieces of equipment? Do you like the Mizuho brand? Have you ever used either the Mizuho OSI 5943 Spinal Surgery Jackson Table or the OSI Hana Table? Is there a different piece of equipment or brand that you would recommend? Comment below!


  1. could you send me a quotation for Jackson table and radiolucent carbon fiber Wilson frame

    1. Hello Freih Abuhassan! I have sent this information to one of our sales representatives. They should be reaching out as soon as possible. If you have any more information to add to your request don’t hesitate to reach out! The sales representative that will be handling your request will be Tarak Bharani. His email is [email protected].

      Thank you for contacting Soma!

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