Level 1 H-1025

March 15, 2017
Level 1 H-1025

Level 1 H-1025 Features

2017The Level 1® H-1025 Fast Flow Fluid Warmer provides a rapid flow of warmed fluids, such as crystalloid or blood product, including red blood cells, as volume replacement. Even a small drop in a patient’s body temperature can be detrimental – delaying recovery or allowing infection to set in. With Level 1’s proven technology, the blood or fluid is inherently free of any “hot spots,” as the H-1025 employs a safe, sealed heating system.

  • Automated Pressure Chambers: Rigid pressurechambers accommodate standard blood andcrystalloid bags, providing a constant 300mmHgpressure for rapid infusion while allowing for fast andeasy bag changes
  • Heat Exchanger: Aluminum heat exchanger transfersheat 1000 times faster than plastic
  • Gas Vent: The Gas Vent provides the added featureof automated air elimination, which eliminatesmicrobubbles without the need for frequent repriming.
  • Built-In Safety Features: Monitors reservoirtemperature to prevent overheating, with an audibleand visual alarm if reservoir temperature reaches43.9° C.

Level 1 H-1025 Specifications


  • 230 V input voltage
  • 1400 W power heater
  • 7 kg weight
  • 1.4 litre water reservoir volume
  • Designed for gravity flow and pressure trauma situations


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