The Maquet Datascope CS300 IABP (Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump) combines bother fiber-optic speed with automatic in vivo calibration. The new features in this IABP allow faster time for therapy, fasting signal acquisition, and faster adaptation to rate and rhythmic changes. Along with the fiber-optic speed, the CS300 also combines faster inflation and deflation speed; automatically calibrates the fiber-optic pressure sensor in the patient every 2 hours, or sooner, should the environmental conditions change. Combined, these features improve the time to therapy tremendously. The CS300 is the only fiber-optic IABP and catheter system that automatically calibrates in the patient after insertion. This system features the smallest IAB catheter available which potentially reduces vascular complications to the patient. Small in size, the Maquet CS300 doesn’t sacrifice performance, this system allows patients with smaller, compromised vessels to benefit from IABP therapy.

IABP therapy is not something to take lightly. Balloon pumps are an effective way to help the heart do its work. This is where the Datascope CS300’s size and effectiveness come in handy. When the heart does not have enough oxygen due to blocked coronary arteries or other medical problems, it has to work harder putting unnecessary stress on the muscle. The CS300 helps restore the workload of the heart back to normal, allowing other organs to function properly.

Soma Technology refurbishes the Maquet Datascope CS300 to OEM Specifications. We have an internal team of technical support and biomedical engineers ready to reinstate and calibrate this device. Our internal cosmetics team refurbishes the IABP to look almost like new with paint and OEM decals. With up to 50% savings, in comparison to new equipment, you can use our devices with peace of mind and wallet.

If you have any comments, questions, or just want to learn more about savings and the refurbishment process, please contact Soma Technology at 1.800.GET.SOMA (1.800.438.7662) or email [email protected].

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