Maquet Servo i

March 26, 2018
Maquet Servo-i - Ventilator - Soma Technology, Inc.

Maquet Servo-i - Ventilator - Soma Technology, Inc.

Maquet Servo i

The Maquet Servo i is one of our best selling ventilators. Ventilation helps people breathe who can no longer or temporarily not breathe on their own. Ventilators are still popular right now, as flu season continues. Flu season will continue on into April.


The Servo i is compatible for use on adult, pediatric and infant patients. This machine has many features for the main user interface and the patient unit. The ventilator is situated on a cart which makes for ease of transport between patient rooms or medical departments. The Open Lung Tool can be used for different treatment options.

There are two modes of oxygen delivery including invasive and non-invasive ventilation. Leakage compensation, a CO2 analyzer for end-tidal carbon dioxide measurement is also included as a feature. Lastly, heliox, stress index, ventilation record card and consumables work well with this ventilator.


This machine needs to be stored in a dry area with normal temperatures that any human can withstand. The battery is rechargeable with a 3 hour lifetime. The battery backup time is 3 hours as well.

Buying Spare Parts

If you already have this ventilator and are looking for spare parts, they can be found at

Requesting A Quote

If you are interested in getting a quote on this machine, or any of our other ventilators, or products, please contact us. A knowledgeable sales representative is eager to answer any questions you may have. They can be reached at 1-800-GET-SOMA, or at [email protected].

Service Department

Most of our products come with the same warranty as original equipment manufacturers. Our reliable, experienced engineers are available for lifetime technical phone support.

Final Thoughts

Have you used a Maquet Servo i Ventilator before? Did you enjoy the ease of use? Were there any features that you would change? Comment below.

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