Medtronic Covidien Valleylab Force FX Electrosurgical Unit

March 12, 2019
Force FX

Medtronic Covidien Valleylab Force FX Electrosurgical Unit

Electrosurgical units are the gold standard when it comes to performing invasive surgeries in a sterile, clean environment, and securing patient safety. The machine uses electricity to heat the bodily tissue and cut the material. This can cut easier than a physician using a scalpel, and cut different types of tissue. A cleaner cut leaves less room for infection and ultimately increases recuperation rates after surgery. Click to read more about the Covidien Valleylab Force FX!


Valleylab Force Fx Features

The Force FX has many technological features. It has a computer-controlled instant response technology to ensure a consistent clinical effect while cutting through all tissue types. This enables the use of handset or foot switch controls to activate the generator. Other features include three microcontrollers that reduce system reaction time, sprat coagulation voltage for superficial coagulation, and limited capacitive coupling, and this machine is compatible with the exclusive computer motion Hermes voice command system.

Valleylab Force FX Specifications

This machine weighs a little less than 18 pounds and is about 14 inches by 17 inches. There are two modes: bipolar and monopolar. Allow one hour for the generator to warm up to room temperature if it was stored elsewhere.

Requesting a Valleylab FX ESU

If you are interested in purchasing this electrosurgical unit or another, we are happy to assist with these needs. We may also recommend more products from the Force Series of ESUs. Our knowledgeable sales representatives are willing to work with you on any quotes you or your facility may need. Representatives can be reached at 1-800-GET-SOMA, or at [email protected].

ESU Spare Parts

Soma Tech Intl has our division for spare parts, Soma Medical Parts. We stock electrosurgical parts as well as many others. Any order can be placed on our medical parts website. If you would like to place an order, you can either place your order online or feel free to email [email protected] or call our Parts Department at 1-860-578-1033.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever used this electrosurgical unit before? Are there features on it that you enjoy using or some that you would change? Is there another brand of electrosurgical unit that you use in your operating room or clinic? Is Medtronic a brand that you trust? Comment below!


  1. Good morning ! I am Dr Paun from Romania, an ENT surgeon and I need to buy a Medtronic Covidien Valleylab Froce Triad. How can I do this ? Thank you!

  2. Thanks for sharing this helpful information regarding the Electrocautery machine. Nice information you provided. I really like it. This will help us.

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