OSI Spinal Table - Jackson Table - Soma Technology, Inc.

OSI Spinal Table - Jackson Table - Soma Technology, Inc.

OSI Spinal Table (5943 Jackson Table)

The OSI Spinal Table (Spinal Surgery Top) from Mizuho OSI is commonly referred to as the Jackson Table. The Spinal Surgery Top is one part of the Modular Table System (MTS). The second part is the Advanced Control Base. This base has a multifunctional frame that holds different tops for all types of procedures. It’s the primary component of the OSI Spinal Table. The frame supports a variety of procedures including; Orthopedic Fracture and Trauma, Pelvic Reconstruction, Orthopedic and Neuro-Spine, Pain Management, and general procedures. The Advanced Control base can hold three different tops including; the Spinal Surgery Top, Radiolucent Imaging Top, and the Orthopedic Trauma Top. Attached to the Advanced control base, the Spinal Surgery top, provides exceptional C-arm and O-arm access.

Mizuho OSI 5943 Spinal Surgery Top – Jackson Table Features

The Mizuho OSI 5943 Spinal Surgery Top for the Mizuho OSI 5803 Advanced Control Base has a carbon fiber construction and provides an open design. Featuring individual positioning pads that are mounted on the Advanced Control Modular Base, these support the patient in a position for spinal surgery. When the Spinal Surgery top is utilized in conjunction with the Radiolucent Imaging Top, a patient can be easily repositioned from the supine to the prone position.

  • Carbon fiber frame provides complete radiolucency
  • Unrestricted C-arm and O-arm® access
  • 360-degree patient rotation when used in conjunction with the Radiolucent Imaging Top
  • Lateral Tilt (25 degrees) in both directions
  • Hand Pendant of the Advanced Control Base on which the Spinal Surgery Top mount controls height, Lateral Tilt (roll),  Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg
  • Open frame reduces vena cava compression, minimizes epidural venous bleeding and improving visualization at the surgical site
  • Customized support pads enhance positioning patients with varying body types


The advanced control base features dual column design, easy C-arm access, AC and battery operation, powered lateral life and table articulations. Other features include hand pendant controls, safety lock statuses, H-Frame storage brackets and four locking casters.

Mizuho OSI Spinal Surgery Top – Jackson Table Specifications

5803 Advanced Modular Base Dimensions

  • Height (Adjustable): 27 to 48 In (69 to 122 cm)
  • Width: 32 In (81 cm)
  • Length: 64 to 102 In (163 to 259 cm)
  • Patient Weight Capacity: 500 lbs (226 kg)

5803 Advanced Modular Base Power

  • Voltage: 120V
  • Frequency: 60 Hz

5803 Advanced Modular Base Movements

  • Trendelenburg /Rev Trendelenburg: 10°
  • Lateral Tilt (Roll): 25°

5943 Spinal Surgery Table Top Dimensions

  • Length: 84 In (213 cm)
  • Width: 17 In (43 cm)

5943 Jackson Surgical Table Common Procedures

  • Anterior/Posterior Fusions – cervical to sacrum
  • Surgical Correction of Deformities
  • Laminectomies
  • Decompressions
  • Kyphoplasties
  • Osteotomies

5943 Jackson Surgical Table Positioning Capabilities

  • Prone
  • Supine (Mount Short Supine Operating Top on frame)

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