Philips Avalon FM50 (M2705A)

March 27, 2018
Philips Avalon FM50 - Fetal Monitor - Soma Technology, Inc.

Philips Avalon FM50 - Fetal Monitor - Soma Technology, Inc.

Philips Avalon FM50

Fetal Monitor

The Philips Avalon FM50 is a maternal and fetal monitor. It offers solutions for both external and internal monitoring applications as well as optional non-invasive maternal vital signs monitoring. Specifically, the Avalon FM50 monitors fetal heart rates (FHRs), maternal heart rates (MHRs), non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP), maternal oxygen saturation (SpO2). This fetal monitor can even monitor fetal heart rates internally via direct fetal electrocardiogram (DECG), uterine activity, and is even capable of intrapartum monitoring.

The FM50 monitor has a touchscreen. Everything you need to operate the monitor, other than to turn it on and off, is contained on its screen. Most of the elements on the screen are interactive. Some of the screen elements include; measurement numerics, screen keys, information fields, status indicators, alarm fields, and menus. This monitor can be set up with an external touchscreen display to help better visualize the screen or configure the system in a more ergonomic way.

This fetal monitor is compatible with the Avalon CTS Cordless Fetal Transducer System. Only one CTS Cordless Fetal Transducer system can be connected at a time. The user has the option to either use a wired or a cordless fetal transducer. Using both wired and wireless together is not supported in this unit. Cordless transducers have priority over wired transducers. When an Avalon CTS base station is connected via the appropriate interface cable, and there are wired transducers connected, the wired transducers are disabled.

Printing the ECG Waveform

The user can print the ECG wave onto the trace paper. If you are monitoring both DECG and MECG, both wave will be printed. The start of the wave recording is annotated above with ECG for maternal ECG and DECG for direct fetal ECG. When the recorder is on, there are two choices for printing the ECG wave, separate and overlap. The separate recording mode gives the user a 6-second ECG strip on the fetal trace paper in fast printout mode. As this is a real-time recording, the real-time fetal trace recording is temporarily interrupted with the ECG strip prints. The Overlap recording mode gives you a delayed 6-second snapshot of the maternal and/or direct fetal ECG for documentation on the fetal strip, but without interrupting the fetal trace. It takes 5 minutes to print this 6-second snapshot at a recorder speed of 3 cm/min. It is documented as if it was recorded at 25 mm/s.

Backup Storage

This fetal monitor stores trace data, including annotations, in its internal backup memory. This allows the monitor to recover trace data that would otherwise be lost under certain circumstances. This trace recovery data can be automatically retrieved and printed in the event of paper running or automatically transmitted to an OB TraceVue system (LAN connection only), allowing continuity of data. The fetal trace printed from the trace recovery data contains all data from the real-time trace, with the exception of the maternal heart rate, the SpO2 pulse numeric and MECG wave. It is important to note that the data in the memory is cleared when a software upgrade is performed.


Soma Technology services all types of fetal monitors. We focus on carrying the best in the market for example GE fetal monitors and Philips Fetal Monitors. Before you use your Philips Avalon FM50 it is important to do a visual inspection to make sure it is clean and no physical damage can be seen which could cause the unit to not function properly. After each use, the Avalon FM50 should be cleaned and disinfected so it is ready to use on the next patient. At least every 2 years, or if any repairs have been made on the monitor, it should be checked by an authorized service agent. If you need service on your Philips Avalon FM50 please call 1-800-GET-SOMA. For the full list of maintenance information please refer to your service manual.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever used a Philips Avalon FM50? What are your favorite features?

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