SonoSite 180 Plus Ultrasound Machine

December 21, 2017
SonoSite 180 Plus - Ultrasound Machine - Soma Technology, Inc.


SonoSite 180 Plus - Ultrasound Machine - Soma Technology, Inc.

SonoSite 180 Plus Ultrasound System

The SonoSite 180 Plus Ultrasound System is a portable, software-controlled, ultrasound machine. It features an all-digital architecture and used to acquire and display high-resolution, real-time, 2D, Color Power Doppler (CPD), and PowerMap (PM) Directional Color Power Doppler (DCPD) ultrasound images.  The system has cine review, image zoom, labeling, biopsy, measurements and calculations, image storage and review, printing and recording capabilities.

This SonoSite system has various configurations and features. System features are dependent on your system configuration, transducer, and exam type. This ultrasound system setup also has a selection to support optical character recognition (OCR) of the English character set for time, date, patient name, and patient identification. The OCR screen characters are optimized for use with the ALI NewPORT DICOM image capture station peripheral available from ALI.


The SonoSite 180 Plus Supports the Following Broadband Transducers:

  • C60/5-2 MHz 60-mm, curved array
  • C15/4-2 MHz 15-mm, micro-curved array
  • C11/7-4 MHz 11-mm, micro-curved array
  • ICT/7-4 MHz 11-mm, intracavitary array
  • L38/10-5 MHz 38-mm, linear array


The SonoSite 180 Plus comes with the following components:

  • Hand-carried ultrasound system
  • Transducer
  • Power adapter


The SonoSite ultrasound system has seven major functional groups: the transducer, the acquisition subsystem, the processing subsystem, the display subsystem, the control subsystem, the user interface subsystem, and the power subsystem.


The transducer elements convert the pulser voltage to acoustic energy during the “transmit” portion of the ultrasound acquisition cycle. The transducer elements convert the acoustic echo to voltage in the “receive” portion of the acquisition cycle. The system transducers have more than 64 elements. The acquisition subsystem senses the voltage developed on the transducer elements.

Acquisition Subsystem

The acquisition subsystem consists of beamformer and an interface to the transducer. The beamformer times the “transmit” pulses to focus the acoustic beam. The beamformer also amplifies the low-level echo signal and times the focuses the “receive information.


Processing Subsystem

The high-speed processing subsystem interface with the beamformer. The processing subsystem demodulates, filters, detects and compresses the signal supplied by the beamformer. Next, it sends this data to the display subsystem.


Display Subsystem

The display subsystem converts the detected ultrasound data into picture elements (pixels). The software user interface graphics are combined with the ultrasound information and converted to a video stream. The external video ports support NTSC and PAL formats.


Control Subsystem

The control subsystem consists of the central processing unit. Program and video memory, permanent image storage and retrieval memory, and connection to the user interface keys. The control software includes the acoustic power and intensity software power group monitors and beamformer monitor. The SonoSite software makes the system operate within acoustic power and intensity limits, which guarantees a level of patient safety.


User Interface Subsystem

The user interface subsystem is comprised of the software, user interface, and the form factor. The SonoSite software user interface is the interaction between the user and the screen layout components. The form factor is the device’s physical attributes: buttons, location, and grouping of the buttons and the device size, shape, and weight. Dedicated controls, or often-used features, are grouped according to user workflow.


Power Subsystem

The power subsystem provides power and protects the hardware from destructive or unsafe conditions. This subsystem’s combined hardware and software monitors and detects failures in the device. Upon detecting a fault, the system disables the pulser supply, and signals an error to the control subsystem. The power subsystem includes the battery pack and the battery charging elements.



Battery Pack

The SonoSite 180 Plus can be powered by either a battery pack or external power. It is powered by a rechargeable, six-cell 11.1 V dc, 3.0 amp-hours, lithium-ion battery. A Fully charged battery has a run time of 1.5 to 4 hours, depending upon operating conditions. The battery pack case is made of injection molded plastic. When in use, it is inserted into the system. The battery pack has no user-serviceable parts. The operating life of the battery is 1-2 years, depending on how you use the system.


External System Connections

This Ultrasound machine has 4 external system connections. It has a DC line voltage connector which connects the system to a power adapter. It has an I/O connector which provides a connection to a PC or input for an ECG signal for ECG display on the monitor. A print control connector, that connects the system to a printer. Lastly, it has a video out connector which provides a composite video signal for a VCR, printer, or external video monitor.


SonoSite 180 Plus Specifications


Physical Dimensions

Height: 13.3 In (33.8 cm)

Width: 7.6 In (19.3 cm)

Depth: 2.5 In (6.35 cm)

Weight: 4.5 lbs. (2.46 kg) with the C60 transducer connected



Height: 3.1 In (7.9 cm)

Width: 4.3 In (10.9 cm)

Diagonal: 5 In. (12.7 cm)

Brightness Control

Contrast Control


Compatible Transducers

C60/5-2 MHz 60-mm

C15/4-2 MHz 15-mm

C11/7-4 MHz 11-mm

ICT/7-4 MHz 11-mm

L38/10-5 MHz 38-mm


Imaging Modes

2D Imaging (256 gray shades)

CPD Imaging (64 colors)


PowerMap DCPD Imaging (64 colors)

Pulsed Wave (PW) Doppler

Tissue Harmonic Imaging


Image Storage

Up to 119 Images (depending on the configuration of the system)

Cine review



6-cell, 11.1 V dc, 3.0 amp-hours, rechargeable, lithium-ion battery pack

Run time: 1.5 hours, depending upon operating conditions


Demo and Refurbished Ultrasound Machines

Soma Technology continues to be the leader in refurbished capital medical equipment. Soma recently celebrated 25 years in business and looks forward to excelling further in the medical refurbishment market. Soma Technology technically and cosmetically refurbishes ultrasound machines back to their OEM specifications. Each Ultrasound System is fully tested before it leaves the facility. Ultrasound Machines, like all of Soma Technology’s products, are brought back to their Original Manufacturer Specifications though; disassembly, inspection, cleaning, repair, replacement of necessary parts, calibration, and special cosmetic restoration. These ultrasound machines, like all of Soma’s products, are able to function as if they did the day they left the manufacturer.


Contact your Sales Rep

Soma Technology has a valued team of sales representatives who are more than willing to assist in any of your ultrasound needs. Along with Soma’s wide selection of demo and refurbished ultrasound machines, Soma Technology also carries many other capital medical equipment including; C-arms, Infusion pumps, Patient Monitors, Anesthesia Machines, Surgical Tables, Ventilators, and far more. Please remember to contact Soma Technology if you have any questions regarding ultrasound machines or other medical equipment.

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