Sonosite M Turbo Portable Ultrasound Machine

June 12, 2018
SonoSite M Turbo

SonoSite M Turbo Ultrasound Machine

Sonosite M Turbo Portable Ultrasound Machine

Ultrasound machines are found in relatively many medical institutions including hospitals, clinics, and physician’s offices. Ultrasounds work by sending out waves of sound, and creates an image of of the refracted sound. The hardest parts of the body and masses of tissue appear as white. This will often be used to look at tumors, growths, tissue masses, cysts, and even fibroids. The Sonosite M turbo Portable Ultrasound Machine is one of our best selling ultrasounds.

Sonosite M-Turbo Features

T he M turbo has technologically great features. The processing power allows for high quality images. Features include 13 compatible transducers, a lithium ion battery, integrated speakers, wireless connectivity and a splash resistant user interface.

Sonosite M-Turbo Specifications 

This ultrasound machine has a laptop style so that it can be easily handled. The lightweight machine at under 7 pounds makes it very portable between patient rooms. The screen has a liquid crystal display. The system operates on battery of AC power. 8 GB of internal flash memory allow for up to 30,000 images to be stores. An optional foot switch can be added with transducer and gel holders.

Requesting an Ultrasound

Our sales team is willing to work on your request for any of our ultrasound machines, or for any of our product offerings. Our sales representatives have years of experience in outfitting surgical centers, and project expansions. Click here to find the sales representative for your area. They can be reached at 1-800-GET-SOMA, by their direct line, or at [email protected].

Spare Parts for Sonosite

We have many spare parts for Sonosite units on our parts website. Here you can click on which parts you would like to purchase. If you are looking for a specific part, have the part number and description ready when you call 1-860-578-1033. If you would like to email a description of your part, you can do so to [email protected].

Final Thoughts

Have you ever used a Sonosite M Turbo? Are there features on it that you would change? Are the features on it that you like? Is there another ultrasound that you prefer to use? Comment below!


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