Stryker SDP1000 Printer

December 27, 2017
Stryker SDP1000 Printer - Soma Technology, Inc.

Stryker SDP1000 Printer - Soma Technology, Inc.

Stryker SDP1000 Digital Color Printer

The Stryker SDP1000 is a medical-grade digital printer that is designed specifically for applications where image, quality, durability, and accurate color reproduction are essential. With the combination of a 301 dpi thermal head and built-in protective lamination feature, the SDP1000 create durable, printed images with full HD resolution. The roll-type media utilized by this Stryker printer ensures consistent color reproduction and eliminates the use of ink cartridges. The unique paper delivery system greatly reduces jams and has the option to print letter and A4 sizes. The front-loading tray allows for convenient access to the paper and ink rolls, minimizing the amount of space necessary for the placement of the SDP1000.

Stryker SDP1000 Printer Features

  • Accurate and consistent color reproduction with dye sublimation technology
  • Self-laminating roll media that is resistant to light, heat, water, and fingerprints
  • User-friendly front-loading tray
  • Low paper and ink indicator
  • Designed for compatibility with current Stryker Digital Capture Devices
  • Easy to operate

The Stryker SDP1000 has what’s called high-speed printing. A full-page image on letter-size media takes approximately 72 seconds. This does not include initialization time. It has a USB 2.0 connection for fast and reliable performance and easy integration with digital systems. It attaches directly to the endoscope or ultrasound system via this USB 2.0 port. The self-laminating roll media not only creates a durable multi-resistant finish but features curl-free prints with a smooth, glossy finish. It fits easily on endoscopic and ultrasound medical carts as well as into confined spaces. Its stylish cosmetic design complements any imaging system hardware.

SDP1000 Dimensions

  • Height: 8.1 In (20.6 cm)
  • Width: 12.5 In (31.8 cm)
  • Depth: 16.8 In (42.7 cm)

This fast and reliable dye sublimation printer is compact enough for cart integration. With the optional network adapter kit, it is robust enough to serve as a network printer for multiple rooms. The 301 dpi thermal head and premium media enable the Stryker 1000 to print with outstanding photo-realistic image quality. Featuring simple color adjustment, this medical printer brings everything clinicians need for high-quality printers.

Where can you use the Stryker SDP1000?

When configuring your endoscopy tower you can choose the Stryker SDP1000 on all of our Stryker endoscopy systems. Including; the Stryker 1188 HD Tower, Stryker 1288 HD Tower, and the  Stryker 1488 HD Tower.

Stryker 1188 HD Video Endoscopy Tower System

Stryker’s Innovative Endoscopy Equipment has set a new standard in the Operating Room. Stryker pioneered the first high-definition digital camera, an advance that revolutionized the minimally invasive surgical market. This high-definition platform continues to deliver unsurpassed resolution, brightness, and optical clarity through one camera system. The HD camera, HD flat panel monitors, combined with an ultra-high-definition capture device, provide cutting-edge technology and exceptional results in today’s operating room.

  • Stryker 1188 HD 3-Chip Camera Console
  • Stryker 1188 HD 3-Chip Regular Camera Head
  • Stryker X8000 Xenon 300W Light Source
  • Stryker 240-030-970 Wise Vision Elect 26″ HD Monitor
  • Stryker Endoscopy Cart with Doors
  • Stryker SDC Ultra Capture Device
  • Stryker SDP1000 Printer
  • Stryker Cables and Accessories


Stryker 1288 HD Video Endoscopy Tower System

The Stryker 1288 HD Endoscopy Tower System offers facilities a simple, high-quality solution for all of their endoscopic imaging needs. Each component — camera, light source, monitor, and insufflator — fits conveniently into the mobile cart for maximum portability.

Stryker 1288 HD 3-Chip Endoscopic Camera:
Crisp, 1920x1080p resolution with nine specialty settings for optimum visibility. Complete with four fully-programmable camera head buttons, touchscreen LCD interface, and wireless transmission capabilities.

Stryker X8000 Light Source:
Bright 300-watt xenon elliptical bulb delivers accurate, detailed, state-of-the-art imaging. When used with the Stryker 1288 HD 3-Chip Endoscopic Camera, the light source allows clinicians to capture high-definition video during any procedure.

Stryker 40L Core Insufflator:
Superior performance with unprecedented safety and reliability. Maintains pneumoperitoneum under the most extreme conditions with a multitude of safety features.

Stryker SDP1000 Printer

Each tower includes a high-definition video monitor and a mobile cart for easy transport throughout your facility.

Stryker 1488 HD Video Endoscopy Tower System

The 1488 HD Camera System utilizes advanced CMOS technology and premium optics to continue the legacy of best-in-class video systems that Stryker has delivered to its customers for over 25 years. The 1488 system provides a clear bright image designed to enhance patient outcomes. Cross-specialty standardization is enabled through nine dedicated surgical specialty settings. The 1488 HD Camera System is a cross-specialty solution designed to maximize the value of our customers’ investment in Stryker. By designing both hardware and software of the products, Stryker enables better overall performance and functionality of the system through tighter integration of each component in the platform.

Array of camera head options specific to the needs of varying surgical specialties
Activation of L9000 LED Light Source
Infravision compatibility—quick and easy identification of critical anatomy
Wingman Pneumatic Scope Holder Integration provides pneumatic image stability and control from the 1488 Camera Head
Customization of the surgical experience through 4 programmable camera buttons
Activation of the L9000 LED Light Source and Wingman Scope Holder from the surgical field
10 button functions built scalable to increase with platform advancements
Optical Zoom Coupler provides dynamic zoom range with no compromise in image clarity
Infravision compatible to clearly identify critical anatomy




  1. Hello, our company wants to buy such printers, but we are in China. Is there a distributor of any kind of printer in China?

    1. Hello Lei,

      Thank you for reaching out. We have sent your contact information to one of our sales representatives. They should be reaching out soon!

      Soma Tech Intl

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