Used Vs. Refurbished Equipment

May 2, 2017
Used Vs. Refurbished Equipment

There is a large difference between used and refurbished equipment. Used equipment implies that the equipment comes as is from the previous owner. Used equipment has an assumed connotation of being mishandled, broken, and or doesn’t properly function. Refurbished equipment  is far different, and much better. Refurbished equipment is brought to our state of the art facility. Our engineers test and calibrate the equipment to be brought to original equipment manufacturer’s specifications. Parts that need to be replaced are replaced, thanks to our large inventory of parts, which can be found at After these pieces are fixed, they are cosmetically enhanced. These devices are sanded, painted, and have new stickers and decals placed on them. Finally the refurbishment process is complete once they are packaged and ready to ship.

Soma Technology refurbishes a myriad quantity of medical equipment. A complete listing of every product can be found here. A video that shows the entire process from start to finished can be watched here. Please comment below mentioning your experiences with refurbished equipment!



  1. It’s interesting that used equipment will often come from the previous owner without any prior checks or guarantees. This could be a great way to get certain things for cheap but also run the risk of them breaking. I’ll have to remember this for my mom because she is in need of some equipment and I think buying new and refurbished pieces would help keep my mind at ease.

  2. Yes, you are right. Refurbished medical equipment are far better than the used ones. I also work for a firm that sells used medical equipment in North Carolina, USA. Refurbished medical equipment not only work perfectly like the new ones but also are cheaper than the new ones. Going for Refurbished Medical equipment is a better choice for hospitals that want cost cutting in their medical device purchase.

  3. This is absolutely right! I am also working at refurbish medical equipment company in India and such cost cutting machines with same working and warranty like new one is blessing for developing country to reduce cost without compromising with quality. This is always best choice!

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