What Is the Importance of Surgical Slush Machines and Fluid Warmers?

December 31, 2020
The Importance of Surgical Slush machines and Fluid Warmers

What is the Importance of Surgical Slush Machines and Fluid Warmers?

Surgical slush machines and fluid warmers are some of the most necessary pieces of medical equipment, especially during organ transplant procedures. These pieces of equipment are vital in some of the most intense and time-consuming procedures that are regularly performed. While it is an unfortunate event when someone needs an organ transplant, it is helpful knowing that they will receive excellent medical care with excellent medical equipment at the source. Continue reading to learn more about the hush-slush machines and fluid warmers that Soma Tech Intl supplies to many operating rooms both domestically and internationally.

Why is Surgical Slush Important?

Surgical slush machines rapidly cool tissue and organs with soft frozen saline or other preferred solutions for regional hypothermia during surgical procedures. Frozen saline can also be used to keep organs cold during the transportation of organs for an organ transplant.
During surgical procedures, surgeons decrease the body’s core temperature which lowers the rate of oxygen released into the tissues. With a safe decrease in the body’s metabolic rate, the organs and tissue get preserved with slower blood flow. By using surgical slush, surgeons can safely extend the time it takes to complete a procedure.
Some surgical slush solutions act as a sterilization solution. Once frozen and applied to a specific area of the body during a procedure, the slush sterilizes and seals the area from contaminants, reducing contamination leakage. The surgical slush can even retain consistency even when pumped through small tubing like catheters.

Why are Fluid Warmers Important?

During surgical procedures, patients may become cold as a result of anesthetics or the administration of cold fluids like surgical slush. While regionalized hypothermia is sometimes needed directly in the surgical site, perioperative hypothermia is a common problem. While under anesthesia your body has reduced metabolic heat production and redistribution of heat from the core of your body to the periphery. There are 2 main methods used to warm patients; using forced hot air warmers or intravenous fluid warmers.

What Types of Procedures Would Use Surgical Slush and Solution Warmers?

  • Cardiac procedures
  • Vascular procedures
  • Urologic procedures
  • General procedures
  • Transplant surgical procedures


ORS 1075HS Hush Slush Machine - Surgical Slush Machine

Ecolab ORS 1075HS Hush Slush Machine

Ecolab is one of the most highly-rated brands, especially for surgical slush systems and fluid warmers. This ORS 1075HS hush slush unit delivers velvet-soft slush to improve patient safety and save valuable nursing time with its auto stirring technology. Auto-Stir is a technology in the Ecolab systems that keeps stirring the slush keeping it soft with no jagged edges which otherwise could harm the organ or other delicate tissues. The caster wheels allow for the Hush Slush to be easily transported through different operating rooms to be easily accessible during surgical procedures.


Ecolab ORS - 2038D - Solution Warmer - Soma Tech Intl

Ecolab 2038D Fluid Warmer

The Ecolab ORS 2038D is one of our most requested solution warming units. This warmer has access to warm irrigation fluid and is temperature-controllable to increase patient safety and reduce the risk of hypothermia. The temperature can go up to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The 2038D can be mounted on the ORS-1075HS Hush Slush Machine, or used as a standalone unit. There is an optional portable stand. The basin capacity is 3.8 liters with a minimum fluid level of 0.5 liters.

What is Unique About the Basin in Surgical Slush Machines?

There are a few different types of basins that are used in surgical slush units. The metal of the basin acts as an insulator to rapidly cool down any organs that are going from the donor person to the recipient. These organs need to be cooled down relatively quickly so that they do not lose their associated functions. Some units like the Ecolab ORS 1075HS and the Ecolab ORS 1058HS use a new technology called Auto-Stir that stirs the surgical slush automatically.

What Kind of Drapes Are Used on Surgical Slush Machines and Fluid Warmers?

Many different types of slush drapes are produced by different vendors. A drape is a plastic sheet that covers the basin of the surgical slush unit or a fluid warming unit. The plastic acts as both a barrier to keep the basin from touching the slush, while also protecting the unit from bodily fluids associated with the organ that is being transplanted. This helps with both patient safety and keeping the operating room sterile.

Purchasing a Hush Slush Machine of a Fluid Warmer

If you are looking to purchase a hush-slush machine or a solution warmer, Soma has a few different options for you. Soma has highly trained and knowledgeable sales representatives who can walk you through your or your facility’s options. They have experience in helping set up operating rooms as well, so make sure to ask them about other capital medical equipment as well. You can request a quote on Soma’s website and a representative will respond to you within 1 business day. You can call Soma at 1-800-GET-SOMA, email [email protected], or contact your representative. Please let your rep know of any upcoming projects that your facility may be planning, and they can help procure your equipment.

The Refurbishment Process

Soma has a very thorough refurbishment process at our ISO 13485-certified manufacturing facility. First, a unit will be procured by the purchasing department. They are actively looking for equipment, so if you are interested in selling a piece of capital medical equipment please contact the Procurement Team about selling your used medical equipment. We are 100% HIPAA compliant and have a 24-hour lead response time. Once these machines come into our facility, they are cleaned and tested. Our biomedical engineers are responsible for calibrating these units back to their original manufacturer’s specifications and the replacement of any necessary parts. Next, these units are sent to the cosmetics team which fixes any scuff marks, scratches, or dings to the unit. Here the units are sanded, painted, and have stickers and decals applied. After these units are aesthetically fixed, they are tested again in a quality check. These units are then carefully packaged and shipped to your medical facility where they can be used immediately to provide quality healthcare. Most of the units come with a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

Final Thoughts

Ecolab’s primary competitor in the market is RAC Medical Solutions which offers both fluid-warming basins and slush drapes. Have you ever used a sleeve or drape from RAC Medical Solutions? Did you know that Soma has its own Parts Division that sells spare parts for hush-slush machines and fluid warmers? Have you previously rented or purchased a machine from Soma Tech? Is there a brand of capital medical equipment that you would say that you trust the most? What other pieces of medical equipment do you think we should write an article on? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. The importance of the hush slush machines and fluid warmers is well explained. These surgical instruments are handy while doing the operation. The operation room also needs a surgical sheet while shifting the patients.

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