Ugly Sweater Competition 2018

Ugly Sweater Competition 2018

Throwback Thursday: Ugly Sweater Party

Today is Throwback Thursday! Last week we celebrated Ugly Sweater Day. We invited employees to dress up in either ugly, or festive sweaters for National Ugly Sweater Day. As it is a popular holiday tradition, we wanted to see if our employees were up for a challenge! Click to read more to see if they nailed it with these sweaters, or if next year they need to bring on the ugly!

Ugly Sweater Competition

Last Friday, we participated in an ugly sweater competition. Each employee was invited to either wear an ugly sweater, or one that was holiday festive. In addition to this competition, we always make hot chocolate for our employees. We make homemade hot chocolate with milk, cream, chocolate nibs, marshmallows and whipped cream. This gives a time for employees to socialize and learn more about the other!

Check out the other photos from the ugly sweater competition. Who do you think should have won? The winner is Supriya in the pink Unicorn sweater!


Ugly Sweater Competition 2018


Ugly Sweater Competition 2018

Final Thoughts

Do you have an ugly sweater that you wear to holidays, or an annual ugly sweater party? Do you have favorite family tradition that you do around the holidays? Do you have a special place that you all meet, or have a holiday cookie baking party? Take a moment to check out last year’s Hot Chocolate Social and Ugly Sweater Day!

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