Thursday Thoughts: How is Your Winter Going?

January 10, 2019
Thursday Thoughts: How is your winter going? - Soma Technology, Inc.

Thursday Thoughts: How is Your Winter Going?

Since it is January we are fully immersed in the winter season. Parts of the country are getting their usual snowfall, while some are having a bit of a more mild time. Click to read some tips about surviving and thriving in the winter months.

The Flu

The colder months are notorious for people staying inside, and being sick. It also coincides with flu season. The flu is an ailment where people may feel congested, and have headaches or chest pain, tiredness, muscle pain, dehydration, fever, and chills. If you know someone who has these symptoms please go to the doctor immediately. And if you haven’t already, seek out a flu shot.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

The shortness of sunlight on winter days causes some people to have a mood disorder called seasonal affective disorder. SAD can be characterized similarly to depression. Due to a shorter amount of time outside, and feeling kept inside most of the day, people start to feel closed in. They can feel hopeless, sad, annoyed, irritated, unhopeful, and changes in weight. Please see a doctor immediately if you feel any of these ways.

Icy Weather

Winter weather is probably the one topic of winter that terrifies people the most. Some people prepare by putting salt on their walkways and driveways, by purchasing a snowblower, or by investing in snow plow services. It is important to stick to a good rule of thumb, if you do not need to leave your house, then stick to any winter advisories in effect.

If your child is playing outside and they are sick, the cold weather can cause them to get worse. They may also be exposed to temperatures that are too cold, for far too long and may develop hypothermia. Hypothermia is when the body starts shutting down because it cannot regulate its internal temperature.

Final Thoughts

How is your winter going? Have you seen an increase in people with the flu or any flu preparedness needs? Do you or someone you know have a seasonal affective disorder? Is there a set of steps that you take to prepare for winter weather? Comment below!


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