Gender Has Extra Rib

Gender Has Extra Rib

Tuesday Trivia: What Gender is More Likely to Have an Extra Rib?

Do you know what gender is more likely to have an extra rib? Did you know that it was possible to have an extra rib? Do you know how many ribs there are in the human body? Click to read more and find out the answer.

The Answer

It might be merely a coincidence that in the bible, Eve is made from Adam’s rib. However, scientifically,  men usually have a higher incidence of an extra set of ribs! Did you get the answer correct? Were you wrong? Why may have you have thought it was women? Comment below!


Ribs are the curved bones that fit around our abdomen and help support our body’s structure. In addition to helping the body be shaped, they protect the vital organs inside our body. Much like our skull protects our brain, our ribs protect our heart and lungs. Click to read how many ribs does a person have?

Bone Structure

Bones are the internal support for our bodies. Along with muscles, they support the weight of our bodies, and allow us to move, carry weight, and perform laborious tasks. Bone is considered a tissue that is living and growing. Comprised of calcium phosphate and collagen, these are what gives bone their beige-ish tinge. The minerals in bone calcifies and hardens them into the texture that we think of when we see bones. Ligaments and tendons attach muscles to each other and to bones which makes our body seamlessly move.

Final Thoughts

Did you know that men are more likely to have an extra rib? Did you know that there are spare ribs on the “Operation” game that you need to surgically remove? And that the person being operated on, is a man? Do you have any ideas for other Tuesday Trivia, or fun medical facts? Comment below!

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