Tell us your favorite ventilator - Soma Technology, Inc.

Tell us your favorite ventilator - Soma Technology, Inc.

Which is your favorite ventilator?

What is a ventilator?

A ventilator is a mechanical device designed to move air in and out of the lungs. This air is for a patient who is insufficiently breathing or physically unable. There are many computerized machines that can handle a wide range of ventilation modes and patients. Ventilators are sometimes referred to as respirators, which is a term stemming from commonly used devices in the 1950’s. Today, ventilators typically use a compressor, or a turbine, to push air through the patient circuit. Ventilators can adjust for an array of parameters including; pressure, volume, and flow. Ventilators are classified as life-critical systems because failure may result in death. Because of these classifications, many precautions must be taken to ensure they are highly reliable, including their power supply. They are designed carefully so no single point of failure can endanger the patient. They might even have manual backup mechanisms to enable hand-driven respiration in the absence of power.

Covidien Puritan Bennett 840

Covidien Puritan Bennett 840 - Soma Technology, Inc.

The Puritan Bennett 840 ventilator provides a solid foundation to build your ideal ventilation solution. With the addition of optional advanced technology upgrades, the pb 840 can meet the specific needs of practically every patient type you care for—from neonatal patients weighing as little as 300 grams to adult patients weighing as much as 150 kg.

  • Advanced Technology: DualView touchscreens, high-performance pneumatics, and dual-microprocessor electronics.
  • Easy Upgrades: Software can be upgraded and customized to meet a variety of future clinical needs.
  • Enhanced noninvasive ventilation (NIV) for use with a stable respiratory drive.
  • Data Integration: Supports communication with all major patient monitoring and hospital information systems for use in electronic data transfer.
  • Optional Clinivision® Mobile Patient Charting software.
  • Low Overall Cost of Ownership: The Puritan Bennett 840 Ventilator is engineered with high volume environments in mind. It is durable, reliable, and easy to service.

Drager Evita Infinity V500

Drager Evita Infinity V500 Ventilator - Soma Technology, Inc.

The Drager Evita Infinity V500 Ventilator combines fully-featured, high-performance ventilation with Infinity® Acute Care System™ integration to meet the challenges of today’s healthcare environment.

  • Lung diagnostic tools like the Low Flow maneuver (inflection points)
  • Breath by breath recruitment trends (e.g. PEEP, EIP, VT, Cdyn)
  • Recruitment tools (e.g. lnspiration Hold, QuickSet, PressureLink)
  • PC-APRV with AutoRelease
  • Volumetric CO2-Monitoring (VCO2, VTCO2, Slope Phase 3, Vds/VTe)
  • Weaning parameter (e.g. RSBi, P0.1, NIF)
  • Automatic weaning with SmartCare/PS
  • Variable Pressure Support, Proportional Pressure Support, Automatic Tube Compensation Graphical representation of airway resistance and lung compliance with Smart Pulmonary View
  • Room-to-breathe” concept (AutoFlow®, BIPAP, VG)
  • Applicable for neonatal ventilation (smallest tidal volume: 2 ml)

Philips Respironics BiPAP Vision

Philips Respironics BiPAP Vision Ventilator - Soma Technology, Inc.

The Respironics BiPAP Vision has an integrated display screen that displays easy-to-read real-time graphics in waveform or bar scale format, providing the following measured and calculated numerical values to assist with ventilator management:

  • IPAP
  • Total Breath Rate
  • Exhaled Minute Ventilation
  • % Patient Triggered Breaths
  • Exhaled Tidal Volume
  • EPAP
  • Ti/Tot
  • Peak Inspiratory Pressure
  • Patient or Total Leak
  • Integrated Display Screen
  • Oxygen Control up to 100%
  • Pressure Regulation at Mask
  • BiPAP
  • Auto-Trak Sensitivity
  • Alarm Module

Vyaire CareFusion Avea

Vyaire BD CareFusion Avea Ventilator - Soma Technology, Inc.

The Vyaire CareFusion Avea ventilator provides comprehensive critical care ventilation for the smallest patients in the NICU to children and adults with complex respiratory diseases. The Vyaire AVEA ventilator provides invasive and noninvasive ventilation for all patients types, Volumetric Capnography and Transpulmonary Pressure Monitoring. Also has the capability to bring clinicians and hospital management actionable information to help address clinical and operational challenges in patient care.

The Viasys AVEA respirator comprehensive ventilator has integrated BiCoreTM technology for advanced pulmonary monitoring. Front panel connection ports are provided for esophageal balloon catheters, tracheal catheters, and proximal low sensors. Heliox administration, Pflex, nCPAP and the unique scroll pump compressor come as standard features.

  • Automated MIP/NIF, AutoPEEP, and Slow Flow maneuvers
  • Programmable oxygen increase
  • Artificial airway compensation
  • Leak compensation
  • Comprehensive array of modes and advanced features:
    • Volumetric capnography
    • Precision gas delivery system
    • Onboard compressor
    • Three different serial communication protocols

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