Wednesday Wisdom: What Gives Blood Its Red Color?

July 11, 2018
Color of Blood

Color of Blood

Wednesday Wisdom: What Gives Blood Its Red Color?

Blood is a very deep red color. Do you know what gives blood its red color? Do you know the answer? Scroll down to see if you got it right!

The Answer

Blood gets its color from hemoglobin, or hemes! Hemoglobin is the protein that binds oxygen to our blood cells. Hemoglobin is made up of hemes which are the iron and oxygen bound molecules. Have you ever tried to shine a light under your skin to see if you could tell that blood was red on the inside, or did you ever fall for the old wive’s tale that blood is blue inside the body?

The Role of Hemoglobin

Known as hb, or Hgb, hemoglobin is the protein-rich with iron that transports oxygen on our red blood cells. Our body needs oxygen for so many of its functions. Our brain uses oxygen to function; this is why if people have their oxygen cut off, their brain stops functioning. Hemoglobin also carries carbon dioxide and nitric oxide to other parts of the body. If you have a low hemoglobin count, it may mean you are anemic. The overall hemoglobin count may differ based upon how much water you have consumed that day.

Final Thoughts

Did you know the answer? Do you like medical trivia? Check out our past medical trivia posts here! Do you have your own that you would like us to do a post on? Comment your question and answer below!

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