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Philips PageWriter TC70 Features

The Philips PageWriter TC70 is a cardiograph that simplifies diagnostic EKG and ECG testing and streamlines workflow. The Philips TC70 features a 15-inch touchscreen, illuminated buttons, and color-coded signal quality indicators. The Philips TC70 automates workflow by acquiring, printing, saving, transferring, and retrieving ECG/EKG data through wired and wireless connectivity.

  • Easy 1-2-3 operation with a 15-inch touchscreen.
  • Automated workflow with one button push viva XML, HL7, and native industry-standard DICOM.
  • Clinical decision support with exceptional 18-lead DXL Algorithm.
  • Automatically displays critical value summary statements boldly on screen and printed ECG reports so caregivers can determine the need for urgent care.

Philips PageWriter TC70 Specifications


  • Height: 5.31 in (13.5 cm) (Display down)
  • Width: 15.94 in (40.5 cm)
  • Depth: 12.99 in (33 cm)
  • Weight: 28 lb (11 kg) (Including battery, patient module, lead wires, alligator clips, electrode pack, and paper pack)


  • Type: TFT
  • Size: 15-Inch (Diagonal)
  • Resolution: Active matrix, 1024 x 768 XGA
  • Colors: 64k Colors


  • Resolution: High-resolution, digital-array printer using thermal-sensitive paper; 200 dpi (voltage axis) by 500 dpi (time axis) at 25 mm/s
  • Paper sizes: Z-fold letter and A4


  • Type: Lithium-ion
  • Capacity: Typically 60 ECGs on a single charge or 60 minutes of continuous rhythm recording; No fail operation during ECG printing.
  • Recharge: 5 hours to full capacity

ECG Functions

  • Simultaneous Lead Acquisition: Up to 18 leads
  • ECG reports: 12-lead: 3×4, 3×4 1R, 3×4 3R, 3×4 ST, 3x41R ST, 6×2, 12×1, 6×2 1R; Standard and Cabrera formats, plus Pan 12 Cabrera
  • ECG Reports, Extended Leads: 3×5, 3×5 1R, 3×5 3R, 4×4, 4×4 1R, 6×2 1R; Standard and Cabrera formats, plus Pan 12 Cabrera
  • Rhythm Strips: Up to 18 configurable leads
  • Event Marking: 15 independent events can be marked for later review and analysis
  • Full Disclosure: Twenty-minute history of all 18 leads; Complete ECG report of any 10 seconds
  • Timed ECG: Support for pharma stress protocols
  • Report Storage / Transfer: Full fidelity at 500 Hz of all 10 sec for up to 18 leads; PDF, XML, DICOM 12-lead ECG, and DICOM General ECG formats
  • 20-minute history of all 16 leads and complete ECG report of any 10 seconds.

STEMI Diagnostic Aids

  • Graphical ST Vector: Two polar ST Maps; frontal and transverse planes
  • Unique Right Heart Statements: 9 statements called by right-chest leads
  • Unique posterior MI statements: 16 statements called by posterior leads
  • STEMI-CA: Criteria that suggest the probable site of the occlusion
  • Critical values: Highlights 4 conditions requiring immediate clinical attention

DXL 18-lead ECG algorithm

  • Interpretive statements: > 600 interpretive statements; Integrated pediatric analysis
  • Leads Used in Diagnosis: Standard 12 leads plus V3R, V4R, V5R, V7, V8, and V9
  • LeadCheck: Lead placement software detects lead reversals
  • Borderline Statement Suppression: Three configurable settings
  • Standard Measurements: Ten interval, duration, and axis measurements; Configurable QT correction method
  • Extended measurements: 46 measurements of Morphology analysis in each of 18 leads; 21 parameters of Rhythm analysis
  • Reasons: Selectable explanations of all interpretive statements
  • Nomenclature: The unit conforms to 2009 AHA/ACCF/ HRS Recommendations for the Standardization and Interpretation of the Electrocardiogram and 2013 ACCF/AHA STEMI Management Guidelines

User Interface

  • Touchscreen: 1-2-3 operation; Context-sensitive application; 5-wire, resistive touchscreen
  • Keyboard: 65 buttons, standard full alphanumeric keyboard; Special characters supported

Signal Processing

  • Sampling Rate: 8,000 samples per second per lead wire
  • Patient Interface Module: Remote, microprocessor-controlled digital module provides 5µV resolution

Networked Features

  • Central time management: Time can be synchronized to a networked time master
  • Last ECG orders (requires IntelliSpace ECG): Automated retrieval of previous ECG; Configurable rules to retrieve cardiograph-specific Worklists

Signal Quality Indicators

  • Leads-off Advisory: Anatomical lead map displays the location and label of any loose or disconnected leads/electrodes
  • Lead Color: Four colors to indicate levels of waveform quality
  • LeadCheck: Lead placement software detects lead reversals
  • Heart rate: Continuous display of patient heart rate
  • Print preview: Full-screen preview of the complete 18-lead report prior to printing

Automated Data Input

  • Barcode reader (option H17): Reads Code 39 Symbology; Flexible field data entry on the TC-70
  • Magnetic card reader (option H13): Four configurable Patient ID fields; ISO 7810, 7811-1,-2,-3,-4,-5
  • Smart “IC” card reader (option H14): ISO 7816 and EMV 3.1.1; supports SLE 4418/28 and SLE 4443/42

Pre-processing filters

  • AC Noise: 50 or 60 Hz
  • Signal Processing: Artifact rejection and baseline wander

Presentation Filters – 10 Sec Reports

  • High Pass: 0.05, 0.15, and 0.5 Hz
  • Low Pass: 40, 100, and 150 Hz

Presentation Filters – Rhythm

  • High pass • 0.05 and 0.15 Hz
  • Low pass • 40, 100, and 150 Hz

Operating Conditions

  • 10° to 40°C (50°F to 104°F)
  • 15% to 80% relative humidity (non-condensing)
  • Up to 4,550 m (15,000 ft.) altitude

Storage Conditions

  • -20°C to 50°C ) (-4°F to 122°F)
  • 10% to 90% relative humidity (non-condensing)
  • Up to 4,550 m (15,000 ft.) altitude

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