Smiths Level 1 H-1025

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Smiths Level 1 H-1025 Features

The Level 1 H-1025 Fast Flow Fluid Warmer provides a rapid flow of warmed fluids, such as crystalloid or blood products, including red blood cells, as volume replacement. Even a small drop in a patient’s body temperature can be detrimental delaying recovery or allowing an infection to set in. With Level 1’s proven technology, the blood or fluid is inherently free of any “hot spots,” as the Level 1 Rapid Infuser H-1025 employs a safe, sealed heating system.

  • Automated Pressure Chambers: Rigid pressure chambers accommodate standard blood and crystalloid bags, providing a constant 300 mmHg pressure for rapid infusion while allowing for fast and easy bag changes
  • Heat Exchanger: Aluminum heat exchanger transfers heat 1000 times faster than plastic
  • Gas Vent: The Gas Vent provides the added feature of automated air elimination, which eliminates microbubbles without the need for frequent re-priming.
  • Built-In Safety Features: Monitors reservoir temperature to prevent overheating, with an audible and visual alarm if reservoir temperature reaches 43.9° C.

Smiths Level 1 H-1025 Specifications


  • 230 V input voltage
  • 1400 W power heater
  • 7 kg weight
  • 1.4 litre water reservoir volume
  • Designed for gravity flow and pressure trauma situations

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