B Braun Outlook 100

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B Braun Outlook 100 Features

The Outlook Safety Infusion System helps to ensure that the Right patient receives the right medication in the Right dose from an authorized clinician at point-of-care. The easy-to-use device helps to prevent IV medication errors

Prevent IV Medication Errors

  • Promotes patient safety by helping to avoid accidental under- or overdosing using audible and visual alerts
  • Provides flexibility for each care area—the ability to customize dose limits to your hospital drug formulary
  • Promotes clinician choice with dose limit override when limits are exceeded
  • during manual programming and titration
  • Visually indicates dose selection with DoseGuard software

The Proper Balance of Safety and Ease of Use

  • Manual operation RATE, VOLUME, RUN
  • Automatic Dose Rate Calculator
  • Large, highly visible keys
  • Reduce nuisance air-in-line alarms with air-trapping cassette
  • Stack-able modular design reduces bedside cord clutter and errors due to channel confusion
  • Comprehensive line of needle-free administration sets including UV light-resistant tubing that protects drug efficacy

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