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Philips IntelliVue MX500 Features

The Philips IntelliVue MX500 is a powerful patient Monitor that is portable. The IntelliVue MX500 is a bedside monitor that comes with a 12-inch touchscreen, that can adapt to the brightness of the screen without being manually adjusted with an ambient light sensor. The monitor can supply comprehensive patient information at a glance. The MX500 patient monitor offers a wide range of vital signs such as blood pressure, SpO2, Temperature, ECG, airway flow, and pulse rate, just to name a few. Philips offers a variety of patient monitors, another in the MX series is the Philips IntelliVue MX 550.

  • 12”-Wide touchscreen Helps see clearly and quickly
  • Ambient light adjustment for readability in virtually any environment
  • Connectivity options help you make the most of your EMR
  • Advanced Clinical Solutions to summarize and visualize data
  • Portable design allows you to take monitoring with you

Philips IntelliVue MX500 Specifications


  • Height: 11.3 in 9 288 mm)
  • Width:12.9in (327 mm)
  • Depth: 7.2 in ( 182 mm)
  • Weight: 12.6lbs

Power Supply

  • Power Consumption:<70 W average
  • Line Voltage: 100 to 240 V
  • Current1.2 to 0.5 A
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz


  • Type: Smart Battery 10.8 V, 6000 mAh, Lithium Ion
  • Dimensions: 149mm (W) x 89mm (D) x 19.8mm (H)
  • Weight: 490 g ( 1.08 lbs) per battery
  • Operating Time: Basic Monitoring configurations 3 hours (with one fully charged battery)
  • Charge Time:
    • when the monitor is off: Approx. 3 hours
    • When Monitor is in use: approx. 5 hours

Monitor Performance

  • Display: 12 in. color LCD (TFT)
  • Resolution: 1280 x 800 (WXGA 16:10)
  • Pixel size: 0.204mm x 0.204 mm
  • Waveforms: Standard 6

Spo2 Performance

  • Sensor: Wavelength range: 500 – 1000 nm
    • Emitted Light Energy: =15 mW
  • Pulse rate Range: 30 to 300 bpm
  • Resolution: 1bpm
  • Accuracy: ±2% or 1 bpm, whichever is greater

NIBP Performance

  • Measurement range:
    • Systolic –> Adult: 30 to 270 mmHg (4 to 36 kPa)
    • Diastolic –> Adult: 10 to 245 mmHg (1.5 to 32 kPa)
    • Mean –> Adult: 20 to 255 mmHg (2.5 to 34 kPa)
    • Pulse Rate –> Adult: 40 to 300 bpm
  • Accuracy:
    • Max. Std. Deviation: 8 mmHg (1.1 kPa)
    • Max. Mean Error: ±5 mmHg (±0.7 kPa)
  • Pulse Rate Measurement Accuracy: 40 to 100 bpm: ±5 bpm

ECG Performance

  • Range:
    • Adult/pedi: 15 to 300 bpm
    • Neo range: 15 to 350 bpm
    • Note: for rates equal to or less than 15 bpm, the displayed heart rate is 0
  • Accuracy: ±1% of range
  • Resolution: 1bpm
  • Sensitivity: =200 µVpeak


  • The monitor has a color 12” LCD TFT display with a wide viewing angle, providing high-resolution waveform and data presentation. The MX800 integrates the display and the processing unit into one device. One external slave display can be connected to a built-in DVI-I port.
  • A second independent display can be connected via the optional Independent Display Interface, the iPC or the IntelliVue XDS. Multiple display resolutions including widescreen formats are supported on the Independent Display Interface and the iPC as well as on the XDS display.


  • The monitor’s functionality can be extended by connecting Philips plugin modules, the multi-measurement module (MMS) family with extensions, and anesthetic gas modules with plug-and-play convenience. The monitors are available as standalone or networked solutions. The monitors’ modular design allows new capabilities to be added in the future as monitoring requirements change. This upgradability gives the security of knowing that the monitor can be enhanced and updated as practices and technologies advance, protecting long-term investments.

Integrated PC (iPC)

  • The iPC is a fanless, medical grade PC residing within the MX800 and as such designed for continuous operation in the patient vicinity. The iPC uses MS Windows 7 (or XP) as an operating system and can host respective applications. These applications can either be:
    • Windows applications, such as Internet Explorer
    • Philips applications such as iSite clients or an application launch pad
    • Third party applications
    • Hospital owned and developed software
  • The iPC is designed as an “open” PC and such can be serviced and maintained by the hospital’s IT department as well as by Philips. A separate isolated LAN interface allows access to the hospital’s backbone independent of the MX800.
  • The iPC can safely share the main display with the MX800 (single display setup) and/or be used with a standard or a medical grade display (dual display setup), either provided by Philips or another manufacturer. The iPC supports displays with or without touch operation. The iPC has five USB 2.0 ports supporting High-Speed mode for computer peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, barcode reader, touch display, etc.

Refurbished Philips IntelliVue MX 500 Patient Monitor

Soma Tech Intl offers the Philips IntelliVue MX 500 up to 50% below OEM prices with the same service and warranty as new. The Philips IntelliVue MX 500 is not only technically refurbished but also cosmetically refurbished to make it work and look like new. When the refurbishing process starts on the Philips IntelliVue MX 500 system, it is carefully inspected and tested by our own in-house biomedical engineers who are highly skilled and certified to work on patient monitors. If necessary, parts are replaced to make sure that all aspects of the Phillips IntelliVue MX 500 are to the original engineering manufacturer’s specifications. This ensures that the unit is working the same way that it originally left the manufacturer. After the Philips IntelliVue MX 500 is working like new it undergoes a special cosmetic restoration process. The Philips IntelliVue MX 500 is cleaned, minor scratches and dents are repaired, it’s painted, and new decals are replaced if necessary. After this strenuous refurbishing process, the unit functions and looks like new. Soma Tech Intl is ISO 13485 certified and ensures that the best quality is given to all capital medical equipment that they sell. Before the Philips IntelliVue MX 500 is labeled patient-ready and packed up for shipment, it goes through one last quality control test that makes sure all aspects are again working as they should. If you are looking to buy refurbished Philips IntelliVue MX 500 patient monitors contact soma at [email protected] or call us at 1-800-GET-SOMA.

Soma Tech Intl is actively looking to purchase a Philips IntelliVue MX 500 system. If you or your facility is looking to sell your Philips IntelliVue MX 500, be sure to contact Soma Tech Intl. Soma has a dedicated and experienced purchasing department that helps you through the entire process. Selling your used or pre-owned Philips IntelliVue MX 500 to Soma Tech Intl takes out the middle man in the equation. This also ensures that your medical facility gets top dollar for your equipment. Soma is 100% HIPPA compliant and makes sure that your equipment gets to our facility in the same condition that it left yours. Soma Tech Intl also gives the option for trade-in credit on your medical equipment. If you or your facility is looking to regain space for new equipment, or if you are looking to upgrade your current equipment, contact Soma Techn Intl’s purchasing department at [email protected] or send us a message on our Sell to Soma website.


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