Philips M1029A Temperature Module

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Philips M1029A Temperature Module Features

The Philips TemperatureModle provides continuous body temperature readings in a variety of areas including skin, rectal, nasal, esophageal, arterial, and venous. The Temperature Module is available as a module or it can be integrated into a Multi-Measurement Server and extension. Where temperatures ranging from -1ºC to 45ºC can be tracked. Alarm limits can be set in increments as small as 0.1ºC. This module is compatible with the Philips M1204A V24C Patient Monitors or the Philips M1205A V26C Patient Monitors.

  • Saves space in the crowded critical care environment compared to stand-alone temperature monitoring devices
  • Labels for temperature sites (e.g., rectal, esophageal, venous) are clearly displayed on the monitor and stored in the Multi-Measurement Server for transport.
  • Tracks up to four channels of temperatures at different sites (core versus skin temperature) for comparison
  • Easy to detach from one monitor and attach to another without the need to reconfigure labels.
  • Interchangeable with any compatible probe
  • Temperature data is automatically stored and may be integrated with the patient’s electronic medical record.
  • Choice of Fahrenheit or Celsius (IntelliVue only); IntelliVue, CMS, M3/M4, and V24/V26 monitors calculate differences between two temperatures

Philips M1029A Temperature Module Specifications

    Weight: 3lbs



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