Stryker MultiGen Radiofrequency Generator

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Stryker MultiGen Radiofrequency Generator Features

The Stryker MultiGen® Radiofrequency Generator is a combination of technologies that provide accuracy, is easy to use, and is capable of handling up to four lesions simultaneously with independent control. With multiple options for customizing procedures, MultiGen® Radiofrequency Generator also has software safety checks and monopolar nitinol electrodes.

  • Unmatched capabilities. Unsurpassed simplicity.
  • Multi-Lesioning: handles up to 4 lesions simultaneously and with independent control; also provides multiple and individual start options to deliver RF energy
  • Parallel Bipolar: allows 2 parallel bipolar procedures simultaneously with thermal and pulsed options to reduce the overall time of SI joint procedures with larger lesion production
  • Intradiscal Lesioning (IDL): offers pre-programmed time and temperature step profiles with adjustment capabilities on the fly
  • Procedure profiles: facet denervation, medial branch Rhizotomy, sacroiliac denervation, percutaneous chordotomy, peripheral neuralgia, ramus communicants

Stryker MultiGen Radiofrequency Generator Specifications


  • 12.5 in. [317.5mm] width
  • 8 in. [203.2mm] height
  • 15 in. [381mm] depth)

Power Supply

  • 100–120 –V 50–60 Hz
  • 230 V–50 HzA
  • 50-watt maximum power into 100–ohm resistive load

Display Screen

  • 5.5 in. x 8 in. LCD, wide 160° minimum viewing angle

Measurement range

  • 0 ohm–2000 ohms


  • Below 100 ohms ± 30 ohms; above 100 ohms ± 10%
  • Operating range: 35 ohms ‹ stimulation ‹1800 ohms; 35 ohms ‹ lesion ‹ 1800 ohms


  • RF procedure: Accuracy +4° –2° C from 37° to 95° C
  • IDL procedure: Accuracy +4° –2° C from 37° to 95° C

Lesion Time

  • 0 to 999 sec; default adjustable at system and file level

RF Frequency

  • Conventional heat lesion: 1 MHz, accuracy ± 10%, DualWaveTM
  • Waveform: aperiodic damped sinusoid
  • Pulse mode: 1 MHz sine wave with selected pulse frequency and on time, accuracy ± 10%

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