Zimmer ATS 1200

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Zimmer ATS 1200 Features

The Zimmer A.T.S. 1200 Tourniquet System provides accurate pressure monitoring for patient safety and confidence. Microprocessor controls and built-in safety features with self-diagnostic tests make monitoring reliable in a single port, dual cuff surgical tourniquet system.

  • Large easy to read display
  • Rapid inflation and deflation
  • Built-in safety features
  • Cuff lockout – cuff remains inflated even if power is turned off
  • Dual cuffs allow bilateral or Bier Block procedures with critical monitoring
  • 45-minute battery backup
  • Visual and audio alarms
  • Positive locking connectors for leak-free inflation
  • Color-coded cuffs in a variety of sizes
  • Low profile cuffs
  • Lightweight unit is easily used on a table or IV pole
  • Self-check calibration each time the machine is turned on

Zimmer ATS 1200 Specifications


  • Height: 12.5″ (31.75 cm)
  • Width: 10.25: (26 cm)
  • Depth: 8.1″ (20.6 cm)
  • Weight: 8 lb (3.63 kg)


  • Line Voltage Range: 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz., Auto Switching
  • Power Plug: Hospital grade, 3 prongs straight blade, 15 Amp
  • Input Power: 53 Watts Typical
  • Line Current: 670 mA RMS @ 120 VAC
  • Power Cord: Type SJT, AWG 16, 14 ft. (4.27 m)


  • Battery Type: Rechargeable, 12VDC sealed lead acid, 2.3 Amp hours
  • Battery Recharge Time: 24 hours (Maximum) Unit should be plugged in 24 hours before initial use
  • Battery Discharge Time: The unit will operate on battery power for 45 minutes minimum with fully charged batteries


  • Maximum Pressure: 475 mmHg cuffs
  • Cuff Pressure Range: 50 – 475 mmHg, 5 mmHg increments
  • Pressure Regulation: ±6 mmHg of set point
  • Pressure Accuracy: ±5 mmHg (50 – 475 mmHg)

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