GE 12L-RS Linear Vascular Probe

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GE 12L-RS Linear Vascular Probe Features

The GE 12L-RS Linear Vascular Probe is an excellent linear transducer for the following applications: Peripheral vascular, small parts, musculoskeletal, nerves, and pediatric medicine. The GE 12L-RS has a 39 mm field of view and a 5-13 Mhz bandwidth. Purchase the GE 12L-RS transducer from Soma Tech Intl. in new or used condition. We offer a low guaranteed price on all GE 12L-RS probes.

  • Linear Array
  • 39 degree FOV
  • 5-13 MHz Frequency Range
  • 42×7 mm footprint

GE 12L-RS Linear Vascular Probe Specifications

General Specifications

  • Bandwidth: 5 – 13 MHz (Logiq e, i), 4 – 12 MHz (Voluson i), 2 – 5
    MHz (Voluson S6, S8), 6 – 13 MHz (Vivid i, i n, q, S5)
  • Applications: Vascular (Logiq e, i), Peripheral Vascular (Vivid i, q),
    Small Parts, Musculoskeletal (Logiq e, i, Voluson S6, S8), Neonatal
    (Logiq e, i), Pediatrics, Nerve Blocks (Logiq e), Superficial (L ogiq e),
    Thoracic/Pleural (Logiq e), Needle Guidance (Logiq e), Periphery-
    Vascular (Voluson I, S6, S8), Ortho (Voluson i)
  • Imaging Modes: 2D, SRI, Harmonics, Color Doppler, PW Doppler
  • Footprint: 42 x 7 mm (Logiq i), 12.7 x 47.1 mm (Logiq e), 44 x 10
    mm (Voluson i), 47.2 x 13.8 mm (Voluson S6, S8), 14 x 48 mm (Vivid
    i, q)
  • Compatibility: Logiq book, Logiq book xp, Logiq e, Logiq i, Vivid
    I squared, Vivid i, Vivid i n, Vivid q, Vivid S5, Voluson e, Voluson I,
    Voluson S6, Voluson S8
  • Biopsy Guide: Available (Logiq i), Multi-angle, Out-of-plane (Logiq
    e), Multi-angle, Reusable (Voluson i)

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