Luminetx VeinViewer GS

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Luminetx VeinViewer GS features

The Luminetx VeinViewer GS is a non-invasive electronic visual aid device designed to project an image of a superficial subcutaneous vascular structure on the surface of the skin.

The VeinViewer affords medical professionals a quick and convenient look at a patient’s vasculature using a mobile easy to use platform. A near-infrared LED source differentiates red blood cells of subcutaneous veins from surrounding tissues and arteries. Using a detector and a computer, the VeinViewer then digitizes received near-infrared light, produces an image, and projects real-time images of their locations back onto the surface of the skin of the patient. The low-intensity near-infrared LED light source is safe to use, causes no harm to tissues, and is accurate regardless of a patient’s age, size, or ethnicity. The benefits of this technology include improved peripheral vascular access resulting in significantly fewer intravenous (or IV) sticks, less time to start an IV, improved patient comfort and reduced healthcare operating costs. It is estimated that nine out of every ten procedures within a hospital start with IV access and there are over one billion vein punctures performed annually.

  • System Ready – Indicator illuminates when power is supplied and the VienViewer is ready for imaging.
  • Calibrate – Initiates the calibration process.
  • Cancel – Terminates the calibration process.
  • Enter – Navigates the calibration process.
  • Capture – Luminext research use only.
  • Fine Detail – Used for viewing finer image details. The indicator illuminates when the Fine Detail feature is active and in use.
  • Hair – Inproves the quality of the image when hair is present. The indicator illuminates when the hair feature is active and in use.
  • On / Standby – Toggles the head unit between “On” and ” Standby” mode. The indicator illuminates when power is supplied and the head unit is turned on.

Luminetx VienViewer GS Specifications


  • Height: 79 in
  • length: 31 in
  • width: 26 in
  • Weight: 250 lbs

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