Corporate FunRun Hartford 5K - Soma Tech Intl
Corporate FunRun Hartford 5K - Soma Tech Intl

Corporate FunRun Hartford 5K

This year Soma Tech Intl had 15 participants in the Hartford 5k hosted by Corporate FunRun. The race took place in Bushnell Park in Hartford, CT. Bushnell Park is home to the State Capitol Building and several historical sites like the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Arch, and Corning Fountain which could be seen during the race. Soma’s team finished 5th out of all the participating companies this year! Congratulations!

Soma Tech Intl 5K Participants

  • Andrew Crosby
  • Aniket Narkhede
  • Annmarie Masayda
  • Ash Dhammam
  • Charu Chande
  • David Dai
  • Eliah Amoah
  • Harnish Shah
  • Hayden Brochu
  • Kristina Moore
  • Mohit Tiwari
  • Nik Eniasivam
  • Patrick Boucher
  • Pramod Narkhede
  • Victor Fernandes

Pictures From The Event

Corporate FunRun Inc.

The Corporate FunRun is a charity event and this year will grant the largest participating team the opportunity to choose which charity the donation is going to. CFR also gives out a handful of awards after the race is over. They have been hosting corporate races throughout the country since 2014. It’s a great team-building event to help boost employee engagement and is a great way to increase healthy fitness activities around the workplace. You can view more about the event on their website

Historic Sites in Bushnell Park, CT

Corning Fountain in Bushnell Park Hartford, CT

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