Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas – Medical

October 30, 2017
Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas – Medical

As Halloween approaches tomorrow, we have a few ideas for those who haven’t gotten around to making their costumes yet. If you are lucky enough to know someone in the medical community, you can ask to borrow their scrubs, or a white coat. Soma has compiled a list of costumes to go as, if you’re tired of being a cat for the third year in a row. LOL.


  1. Doctor/Veterinarian/ Nurse/ PA – Scrubs, stethoscope, gloves, surgical mask; bonus points for Veterinarian, you can carry stuffed animals around with your costume!
  2. Any organ – A heart, an eye, a brain, lungs!
  3. Any costume with fake blood all over it!
  4. Operation Game – You can paint the body parts where they go – the Adam’s apple, butterflies in stomach,  broken heart, charley horse, water on the knee, etc….
  5. Funny Bone – hold a fake bone with the word “funny” on it!
  6.  Virus – Attach puffy balls or loofas to a shirt!
  7. Pill Bottle – Wear a brown shirt with a white sign of the medicine you would like to go as. Bonus if you wear a white crown as the pill bottle top.
  8. Skeleton – Self explanatory!
  9. Athlete’s foot –  Dress in workout clothes with foot prints all over!
  10. Red Blood Cell – Put a red tube around yourself!
  11. Cat Scan – This one is for you pet! Put an X-Ray on your feline friend!
  12. Chicken Pox – Put red dots all over your skin, and carry a chicken!
  13. Broken Heart – You and a friend can each wear a piece of a heart ripped in two
  14. Celebrity Doctors – Write their name on a white coat
  15. An Ambulance – This one may be a tad challenging, but can light up!

    Remember that Halloween is supposed to be about fun. Please do not dress in anything that may offend someone. If you do dress as any of these costumes, please comment them below or send us a photo at [email protected].


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