st patricks

st patricks

Saint Patrick’s Day 2019 – Go Green

Today we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by showing our appreciation for Irish heritage and wearing the color green. As we know that not everyone at the company is Irish and that St. Patrick’s Day happens to be a much larger deal here than in Ireland. Click to read more about this holiday!

What is the Supposed History of St. Patrick’s Day?

Saint Patrick was born a slave and escaped to Ireland. He is said to be responsible for converting the Irish to Catholicism. Today, Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated in Ireland and the United States as an ode to Irish culture. People wear all green and celebrate in many different ways. Some attend parades, pubs, or even have a celebration at home with traditional Irish foods like corned beef and cabbage, beer, soda bread,  and shepherd’s pie. Sometimes, people will attend a performance of Irish Step Dancing.

Famous Events on Saint Patrick’s Day

  • 1757, St. Patrick’s day is celebrated in New York City
  • Italy becomes one kingdom
  • Self-raising flour is patented
  • Phi Kappa Tau is formed
  • Golda Meir become the 4th Prime Minister of Israel

Final Thoughts?

Are you of Irish heritage, or do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Is there a special thing you do to celebrate? Do you attend a parade or have corned beef and cabbage? Maybe a beer? Comment below if you are celebrating!


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