Having Organs On The Other Side Of The Body

February 16, 2018
Situs Inversus

Situs Inversus

Having Organs On The Other Side Of The Body

It is crazy to think that there are people who have their organs on the wrong side of their body. Situs inversus is a condition in which people have their organs flipped in mirror image on the other side of their body. It is weird to think that something as reliable as our bodies, can look much different than anyone else’s.


Situs Inversus is a congenital condition where the organs are rearranged on the opposite side of the body. Situs solitus is the condition in which the organs are placed in the body as normally thought to be. Situs inversus totalis is when all of the organs are on the opposing side of the body, not just some organs.

Signs and Symptoms

People with this disease are usually phenotypically okay. This means that there are no symptoms which make them know there is something wrong. The only way to be sure of this condition is through medical imaging, an enema, or a Barium meal test.

About 1 in 4 people who have situs inversus also have primary ciliary dyskinesia. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, this disease affects the cilia on our lungs and bacteria can stay in our airways.


Normally, a healthy person with situs inversus is going to be just fine.

Famous Figures

It is helpful to recognize that celebrities also are not immune to having medical conditions. Singers Enrique Iglesias and Donny Osmond both have situs inversus. Donny Osmond found out he had the condition from a misdiagnosed case of appendicitis.

Final Thoughts

Do you know anyone with situs inversus? Have you ever heard of the condition before? Do you think its cool? Comment below if you have any interesting topics or questions for us to research!


  1. I’m 54 year and was told by my OBGYN after an Ultrasound.She told me if have pain on my left side then I should consider it being my appendix. I was also told I only have one kidney.

  2. Yes I placed a PICC line in a patient that had this condition. When looking at the xray post insertion
    it was evident.

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