Friday Fact: Getting Spooky With Skeletons

October 26, 2018
FF Skeleton

FF Skeleton

Friday Fact: Getting Spooky With Skeletons

Fact: Did you know that your skeleton weighs about 15% of what your total weight is? Did you think the bones could weight that much? Do you feel a little bit more into the Halloween “spirit”? Click to read more about skeletons!


Did you know that babies have more bones than adults do? This is because as they grow, their bones start to become fused together. Also, another reason why people need to be so gentle with babies because although squishy from not having completely hardened cranial cavities;

Bones are made of collagen, and when inside a person’s body, they are considered live tissue. The protein collagen is only part of the bone. The part that keeps the bones hard is calcium phosphate.

In Halloween

In Halloween and Day of the Dead, skeletons are used to resemble the afterlife. Obviously, as a body decomposes, the remains are the skeleton. Another fun fact is that our teeth are the only part of our skeleton that is exposed. If any other part of your bones are exposed, you may want to seek immediate emergency care.

There is a relatively new project that has come out within the last few years called the Teal Pumpkin Project. As expected with allergies, there are some kids who cannot eat candy. This may be due to an allergy of soy, chocolate, nuts, or eggs. People who paint a pumpkin in the color of teal, are participating in giving out other treats for trick or treaters. These may include little games, toys, stickers, bookmarks, or pencils. Have you ever seen someone who participated in painting a teal pumpkin? Or someone who has one outside their house?

Final Thoughts

Do you decorate the house on Halloween with skeletons? Have you ever dressed up on Halloween as a skeleton? Do you have a favorite Halloween decoration? Comment below on any of these questions, or what your costume is this year!

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