The Affects of Love on the Human Body

February 13, 2018
The Affects of Love on the Human Body

The Affects of Love on the Human Body

The Affects of Love on the Human Body

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. This holiday is nationally recognized as a time to celebrate those you love and care for. People like to show their affection with chocolates, flowers, jewelry, anything that can commercially make someone feel more loved. But what happens physically to the body when the mind is interpreting love?

Heart Skipping a Beat

A heart that skips a beat happens when the ventricle prematurely contracts. Skipping a beat arises from a beat that happens too early. This can because of external stigmas, such as caffeine, chocolate, or maybe even being in a situation where your body reacts that way. Hopefully, this is just a sign you see the person you like and not an arrhythmia. If you think it may be a more serious issue, please see a cardiologist.

Holding Hands

Holding hands with your partner, or even a friend releases oxytocin. Oxytocin is also produced from the brain when a mother is breastfeeding her newborn child. Cuddling, hugging, and kissing can also produce oxytocin. This may be the reason that one feels loved when they make physical contact with their partner.

Falling in Love

When you first tell someone that you love them, dopamine is released in the brain. The surge of dopamine gives your body that “natural high.” Dopamine is also released when one is addicted to substances. The feeling of wanting to be loved is quite naturally, addicting.


There are multiple studies that link feeling loved to living longer and being happier. People with cancer who have a loving partner are more likely to live longer. Researcher Harry Harlow conducted experiments of companionship on Rhesus monkeys. If a monkey’s loving stimuli was taken away, over time they would literally die. Companionship, love, and friendship, are all traits humans need to have to live well.

Final Thoughts

Do you experience any of these feelings? Comment below to tell us about how you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day!

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