Apple Enters the Medical Records Arena

January 30, 2018
Apple Medical Records

Apple Medical Records

Apple Enters the Medical Records Arena

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but the company Apple is now the doctor. Apple introduced an app that lets users review their medical records. Some doctor’s offices have started the trend, where they want to have open communicating with their patients. They use a portal database with patient logins, where patients can review their medical tests, vitals, and family history. Apple is now giving the option to users to view their medical charts.


This App will allow people to easily access their medical records. Apple already has the Health App which is pre-programmed on phones. Health App tracks activity, nutrition, meditation, and apps for sleeping. There are sections to record body measurements, reproductive health, test results, and vitals.

Emergency Uses

There are an endless amount of situations where needing access to this data is imperative. Security measures would need to be taken. Someone who has collapsed will be brought to the hospital incapacitated. Due to their unconscious state, doctors can go through their phone for the medical records. This may present complications in the emergency room.

If someone has passed, there is a section on their phone that lists if they are an organ donor. This information can be used to allocate organs to save multiple lives. There are endless ways that technology can be streamlined in a way to benefit everyone.

Final Thoughts

Google and the internet have presented an age where any information can be found at the tips of your fingers. Apple already has a section where the user can input their emergency contact numbers and medications. Would you like your medical records on your phone? Would you input the information into the app? Do you think this is a good idea? Would you use the app?

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