The Dangers Associated With Plastic Surgery

April 9, 2018
Dangers of Plastic Surgery

Dangers of Plastic Surgery

The Dangers Associated With Plastic Surgery

There are many dangers associated with plastic surgery and even any surgery that is performed. Plastic surgery is generally done as an elective procedure, meaning the person wants the procedure done out of cosmetic enhancement, and not medical need. Sometimes plastic surgeons are on call in emergency departments for traumatic accidents in which plastic surgery is required to reconstruct the body.

Why People Elect to Partake in Plastic Surgery

Some people find that the dangers of plastic surgery far outweigh their cosmetic appearance, and to others, the cost of self-esteem is worth more than the dangers of plastic surgery. People who elect to have cosmetic procedures usually don’t mind that this surgery does not promote a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, people have saturated ideas of beauty standards that they would like to maintain or achieve a different look altogether.

Plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular due to plastic surgeons having more experience, celebrities promoting the trends, and social media platforms dictating to people what the new standard of beauty is. Some people are willing to go under the knife to achieve a special look, believing it will give them confidence and attractive features.

This article does not go in to depths about plastic surgery for when it is necessary for reconstruction of damage from bodily ailments. There are some cosmetic procedures such as collagen, chemical peels, laser hair removal, or botox, which may leave the patient with swelling and an allergic reaction, but allergies are common in all types of medical practice.

Complications Associated With Plastic Surgery

All surgeries have risks associated with them. Typically, the more invasive a procedure, the more room there is for a problem to arise. Surgery has come a long way in the last two centuries from Joseph Lister promoting a sanitized work environment, to the practice of hand washing, and even using cameras during surgery.

Any surgery is prone to infection. The cavities of the body are opened and exposed to whatever is in the air, including any possible bacteria, or contamination from any other part of the body. Infections may be minor and can be easily treated, however, sometimes infections such as sepsis can be life-threatening, with people dying from infections when not caught early enough.

Most noninvasive and especially invasive procedures require anesthesia. Anesthesia is pertinent to keeping a patient from feeling and shock during the surgery, to keeping their bodies relaxed so the procedure is done smoothly.

Physical damage to the body can happen in the form of a hematoma, scarring, including scar tissue from past procedures, and nerve damage. Sometimes during liposuction, internal organs can get punctured. As with any surgery, blood loss is a large risk. Blood loss can even happen internally. Very rarely will plastic surgery result in death, but the risk is still there.

Final Thoughts

What do you think about the dangers associated with plastic surgery? Are the dangers less or more likely for someone to think about cosmetic procedures? Do you believe in the psychological benefits of surgery, or do you think everyone should be happy with how they look? Comment below!

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