Election Day – Choose Refurbished

November 7, 2017
Election Day – Choose Refurbished

This Election Day, vote for refurbished medical equipment! Refurbished equipment will allow you to stretch your hospital budget, reduce equipment consumption, and reuse and recycle past equipment. Our excellent service department offers phone support and we offer standard industry warranties and carry comprehensive liability insurance. We offer equipment from the top names, such as Stryker, GE, Philips, Zoll, and Medtronic-Physio Control. Soma is a one-stop-shop for equipment solutions, including equipment for ambulatory surgical centers, and emergency rooms. imaging, and private physician’s offices. The biggest deterrent to buying new is the cost. Buying refurbished allows the buyer to acquire about two refurbished pieces for the cost of a brand-new one. This helps smaller hospitals with their budget and in competition with larger hospitals.

There is a large difference between used and refurbished equipment. Used equipment implies that the equipment comes as is from the previous owner. Used equipment has an assumed connotation of being mishandled, broken, and/ or not properly functioning. Refurbished equipment is far different and much better. Refurbished equipment is brought to our state-of-the-art facility. Our engineers test and calibrate the equipment to be brought to the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications. Parts that need to be replaced are replaced, thanks to our large inventory of parts, which can be found at somamedicalparts.com. After these pieces are fixed, they are cosmetically enhanced. These devices are sanded, painted, and have new stickers and decals placed on them. Finally, the refurbishment process is complete once they are packaged and ready to ship.

Soma Technology refurbishes a myriad quantity of medical equipment. A complete listing of every product can be found here. A video that shows the entire process from start to finish can be watched here. Please comment below mentioning your experiences with refurbished equipment!

Remember, this Election Day: Choose Refurbished!

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