End of the Year Checklist

December 11, 2017
End of the Year Checklist

December usually sends people into a frenzy of lists of chores and errands they need to do before the holidays and the new year. While this is a hectic time, please do not forget to manage your health, and take the tax incentives of Section 179. Continue reading your your End of the Year Checklist.

Firstly, this influenza season is poised to be one of the largest in the last decade. Please remember to receive your flu shot before you contract the flu.  You can usually receive a vaccine at your primary care physician’s office, urgent care centers, clinics, and sometimes even pharmacies. The vaccines are tested in laboratories that have researched the trends and strains of the flu, and compile this information into one vaccine. Educate those around you on the dangers of not being prepared. This also extends to having the right equipment.

A hospital will always have ventilators, patient monitors and infusion pumps, but just how many they need will vary depending on the increase of their patient census. Soma offers the ability to rent machines for an extended period of time, or rent-to-own options. The benefits of renting are that hospitals can avoid acquisition and maintenance costs on repair, we ensure that there is equipment to meet immediate needs. There is no downtime due to repairs or preventative maintenance. Hospitals can easily and flexibly upgrade to newer equipment models. If you are looking to rent, please call 1-800-GET-SOMA.

As the end of the year approaches, Soma Technology, Inc. wants to remind medical equipment purchasers about section 179. Under Section 179, qualifying businesses can write up to $500,000.00 off their tax benefits for buying capital medical equipment in the year 2017. Companies should take advantage of this law before the December 31st deadline. Soma created a Section 179 2017 Tax Deduction Calculator to help you visualize how much you can save. Medical companies should think about their leftover budgets, or any future projects, to place their final orders for medical equipment this year.

Leasing equipment is Section 179 deductible, and Soma Technology has many rent and rent-to-own options available. Soma provides a wide range of equipment to outfit operating rooms, surgery centers, clinics, hospitals, and doctor’s offices. Our one-stop-shop allows customers to save time and money by purchasing refurbished equipment at around half the cost as new.


Remember your end of the year check list:

  • Get a Flu Shot
  • Rent Equipment for Flu Season
  • Take Advantage of Section 179

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