Happy Passover and Easter Weekend!

April 19, 2019
Passover and Easter

Happy Passover and Easter Weekend!

This weekend people will be observing Good Friday, Easter, as well as Passover. The Christian and Jewish religions are very popular with both people in our community as well as those who work in our company. Continue reading for more about these traditions!

Good Friday

In the bible, Good Friday is commemorated as the day that Jesus was killed by the Romans. This is a day that most people in the Christian faith attend church and fast. Christians will not eat meat on this day, or any of the Fridays during Lent.


Passover is the celebration of when the Jews had fled Egypt from being slaves. They only had a short notice from the 10 plagues that were held over the Egyptians in the Torah. On their way out of the dessert they did not have yeast to make their bread, so the unleavened bread they eat is considered matzah. For 8 days Jews eat only kosher foods and ones that do not contain yeast. The first night of Passover is celebrated with a reading of the Seder book and various foods served on the seder plate including horseradish, bitter herbs, charoset, shank bone, matzah, and an egg.


Easter is the day that Jesus rose from his body, and was resurrected. This is considered to be one of the holiest days. This day is usually spent in church, and then families gather around for a large meal. Other traditions include this as a celebration of spring, and all things spring-related. This is why there are easter bunnies, egg hunts, and flowers associated with this day.

Easter Fun Facts

  • Most of the candy on Easter is in the form of chocolate
  • The ears on a chocolate bunny are usually eaten first
  • The White House has hosted an Egg Roll on its lawn since 1878
  • Eggs are decorated with all different colors and designs as a craft project
  • Over 1 billion Peeps are eaten

Final Thoughts

Are you celebrating any of these holidays this weekend? Have you ever met or dressed up as the easter bunny? Do you have a favorite type of easter candy or a chocolate bunny? Have you ever attended a Passover seder? Comment below!

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