What Makes Olympian Bodies Superior?

February 22, 2018
Olympic bodies

Olympic bodies

What Makes Olympian Bodies Superior?

The Olympic games are a time to celebrate the top athletes of the world in different sports. Winter and Summer Olympians possess an amazing prowess for athleticism and success. What are the factors that make Olympians different from the rest of us?


Genetics literally makes us into who we are. The genetics and hereditary traits given to us by our parents determine everything from our height, predisposition to weight, metabolism, muscular formation, and if we are going to have any/ which diseases for the future.

Olympians train for far longer periods of time than any average person spends in a gym. The amount of time a day Olympians train can be well over 6 to 8 hours. These Olympians are curating their bodies to perform well.

Factoring Into Their Sport

Height, weight, and build of the body are important factors into who will succeed in each sport. In ice skating, it makes sense to have people who are shorter, and very slim, so that they can use their balance, and low weights to perform acrobatic stunts.

For those who are swimmers, those who are taller with longer limbs take fewer strokes in the water and are able to move faster with their large hands and feet to propel them through the water.

Interestingly enough, sometimes those who have large builds, and weigh a significant amount more than the average human are also Olympians. Olympic weightlifters are tending to be described as “overweight” but use this weight to help them lift heavy amounts.

Olympians also eat extremely well. They have the endurance and commitment to excel in their field, that they will do anything to be the best; this includes changing their diet.

Psychology of Their Mind

There is no doubt that the discipline of sports requires immediate attention and focus. Olympians need to be mentally prepared for the performance of their lives. The sheer magnitude of the Olympics may break a competitor. When competing it is important for these Olympians to be resilient, learn to embrace or not fear failure, and to practice good sportsmanship.

Final Thoughts

The Russian Team was banned for doping or using performance-enhancing drugs. This creates an unfair advantage by making athletes stronger and faster. Do you also think that performance-enhancing drugs should be banned in other athletic competitions such as modeling, and bodybuilding?

Do you think Olympians are the definition of peak bodily performance? Do you by any chance know of any Olympians? Who are your favorite Olympians?


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