March is National Kidney Awareness Month

March 6, 2018
National Kidney Awareness Month

National Kidney Awareness Month

March is National Kidney Awareness Month

March has many medical ailments for which it raises awareness. It is Endometriosis Awareness Month, Colorectal Awareness, and finally, National Kidney Awareness Month. The kidneys are shaped like a bean, and work so hard that they come in a pair. They are located against the back muscles in the upper abdominal area.

What Function do the Kidneys Perform?

The kidneys are responsible for filtering blood. Blood enters into the kidneys where salt and waste is filtered. This waste is then turned into urine. This organ also helps to keep fluids and electrolytes in balance. Nephrologists study the role of the kidneys, while urologists study the urinary tract system.

Common Disease of the Kidneys

As with any part of the body, the kidneys are susceptible to disease and ailments. There are a multitude of problems that can happen, but this article only names a few. People who have diabetes are prone to kidney failure. This is when the kidneys slowly shut down. The symptoms of kidney failure include dehydration, poor intake of fluids, use of diuretics, abnormal blood flow, and low blood volume. If you think you have any of these issues, please consult your primary care physician.

Kidney stones are calcified compounds deposited by the kidneys into the urinary tract. They are hard to pass, and often very painful. Chronic kidney disease is a combination of factors that leads to poor kidney function. It may lead to renal failure which is when your kidneys need to be put on dialysis, which manually filters the waste and blood that would otherwise be filtered by the kidneys. These are only a few ailments, and there are many many more in the medical world.


There are many treatments involved with diseased kidneys. Medication is always a viable option, as it is usually a go to. Diet changes may help with other conditions associated with an affect on the kidneys. If there is constant organ failure, a donated kidney may be of use.

Organ Donation

Fortunately, the kidneys are one of the only organs that can be donated from a living person. This drastically reduces the time it would normally take from a deceased individual. People are able to live with one well-working kidney. There is a large registry available to those who need organs, and even a pool to trade organs. This works as if someone needs part of a liver, they can donate one of their kidneys to someone who can then donate bone marrow to a match for someone who can the donate their liver to the person who needs it. If you would like to become an organ donor, please visit this site.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has educated you about National Kidney Awareness Month. Comment below if you already knew about these kidney diseases, or if this article helped raise awareness for both kidneys and organ donation. Are you a registered organ donor? do you know someone who has donated an organ before, or had a transplant?

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