National Cancer Survivors Day

June 3, 2018
National Cancers Survivors Day

National Cancers Survivors Day

National Cancer Survivors Day

This Sunday is National Cancer Survivors Day. Chances are you know at least one person who has had a form of cancer. The miracles are those who have overcame their cancer diagnosis,  defeated their cancer, and went into remission. This is a celebration of life and the remembering the struggles each survivor had to endure, and apply that to people who currently have cancer.

Successful Tips to Manage a Cancer Diagnosis

Seek Therapy

Therapy is a good investment for anyone who is struggling with internal conflicts. Therapists help people to accept their situations and to find solutions to better handle their emotions. Therapy is a proven way for people to become mentally stronger.

Eat Well

Eating well helps to control bodily functions in almost all diseases. There have been a few studies that have surfaced that some foods may have the ability to limit angiogenesis. Angiogenesis is the pathway of blood vessels that give a tumor its nutrients, and allow it to grow and spread. By cutting off angiogenesis, there will theoretically be no pathway for the tumor to spread, allowing it to be treated with radiation or surgery.


Exercise is proven to help with mental clarity, and to help people lose weight. A lower weight reduces the risks of any diseases or complications associated with obesity. Regular exercise can strengthen muscles, the heart, and lungs.

Find Your Support System

Having a support system is key for mental health. People who have support systems are far likelier to survive cancer than people who have no one. Whether it is a group of friends, family, or a support group, people fare better with emotional support.

Final Thoughts

Take the time to remember that there are people who have their own struggles and that as a community we should come together to support those who have cancer. Are you a cancer survivor? Do you know a survivor? If you would like their story to be featured, please comment below.

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