Thank You to Biomeds & Logistics

April 10, 2020
Thank You to Biomeds & Logistics

Thank You to Biomedical Engineers & Logistics

Soma Tech Intl understands that the coronavirus pandemic is both very serious and causing people much stress and anxiety. Everyone has been affected by this virus in some way be it economically, geographically, or in their community. Continue reading to learn more about why we are thankful for frontline workers.

Thank You

Soma Tech Intl would like to take the time to thank not only everyone in the healthcare industry but especially those who are responsible for the dispersal of our products to the front lines. We can understand that your workload has drastically increased within the last month or longer and that you are overworked. We would like to take this time to say that we truly appreciate what you are doing for our community.

Biomedical Engineers

We would like to thank the biomedical engineers who are working and putting in extra hours to make sure that medical equipment is properly working. We understand the great importance that biomedical engineers play in the efficacy of treating patients and saving lives.

Respiratory Therapists

Thank you to all respiratory therapists who are working to make certain that people are well taken care of. We can understand that COVID-19 attacks the respiratory tract, and that these professionals are well adept and trained for this crisis. Thank you for also putting yourselves on the front lines and for the bravery of being in the rooms of patients with coronavirus.



Thank you to those who work in logistics which includes administrative positions, shipping, receiving, and the drivers who help to maintain a facility’s inventory of medical equipment. You are all the backbone of these operations and we can’t thank you enough for being essential employees.


Ways that the Community is Helping

There are always more ways to help. Below is a list of ways that people are currently helping with the pandemic:

  • Soma is working around the clock to prepare ventilators, infusion pumps, and patient monitors for hospitals
  • Local restaurants are donating meals to healthcare industry workers
  • Large brands are offering additional merchandise to healthcare workers such as Crocs, Birchbox, Ably, AllBirds
  • Town groups on Facebook are sharing sewing patterns and making masks for healthcare workers
  • Some companies are donating masks to both healthcare workers and the public so they are able to protect themselves


Final Thoughts

In addition to the biomedical engineers, respiratory therapists, and logistics workers we would like to say a final thank you.

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