The New Rules to Halloween Fun – Teal Pumpkin Project

October 31, 2019
halloween 2019

The New Rules to Halloween Fun

Today is one of the scariest and funniest days of the year! We have compiled a list of the new Halloween rules for fun! Over the last few years, there have been some issues that have been raised with solutions for kids who have varying needs. The Teal Pumpkin Project is designed for kids who cannot consume candy due to different dietary needs, from studies that show the impact of sweets in conjunction with childhood obesity. This article seeks to cover all of parents’ Halloween worries, and we hope the only thing scary after this article is the haunted houses! Click to continue reading more about how both kids and parents can have a safe and fun Halloween this year!

What Do Blue Pumpkins Mean?

People who come trick or treating holding a blue pumpkin are a universal identifier that that person has a form of an Autism spectrum disorder. While some of the adults carrying these pumpkins may seem like they are adults, we must respect their love of trick-or-treating and Halloween fun and treat them as if they are any other trick-or-treater! We hope that you will take special care with anyone you see holding a blue pumpkin tonight.

The Teal Pumpkin Project

Another shade of blue, teal, has a completely different meaning on Halloween. The Teal Pumpkin Project aims to create visibility for children who cannot consume candy for many different reasons. Some of those reasons include allergies to soy, gluten, nuts, peanuts, chocolate, and dairy. Some other reasons why someone cannot consume the candy is due to dietary restrictions. If you put a teal pumpkin outside your house, or if you see a teal pumpkin next to someone’s door, it indicates that they have treats for children that don’t involve candy. Some of these treats can be little toys, stickers, pencils, little rings, or anything fun! The teal pumpkins hope to bring inclusivity to Halloween for children who for whatever reason cannot consume candy. For parents who know that their child has an allergy, it may be a good idea to have a bottle of children’s Benadryl, or an EpiPen nearby if a child consumes something that comes from an unknown house.

Halloween at Soma

Soma Technology’s employees love to dress up for Halloween! Each year we have a costume competition to see who has the most creativity! You can even check out Halloween 2018 at Soma! Who do you think had the best costume?

Meet the Soma Employees in Costume!

Below is a list of all of our employees who dress up, and the job roles they hold at Soma!

Adam is the South Eastern Territory sales representative. The states that he serves as the sales contact for are New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Washington DC, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. It’s hard to recognize Adam in his Cookie Monster outfit! Adam won our Halloween costume competition last year with this outfit!

Ryan is the South Western Territory Sales Representative for California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. Ryan is dressed as Sandy Lyle from “Along Came Polly”.


Kristina has been our graphic designer for the last three years, and we hope you can tell how creative she is by this punk rock outfit! Doesn’t this look make you want to turn up the heavy metal? There is a solid chance that if you received any of Soma’s marketing literature, it was designed by Kristina!


Steve works in the purchasing department and is responsible for facilitating the purchases of equipment that you would like to sell to Soma. You can sell your unwanted medical equipment to Soma and we can usually send you back a quote within a few business days of acquiring your unwanted machinery. Steve is dressed as a hunter but the only thing we’re not sure about is if it is Rabbit or Duck Season.

Alyssa is our trade show and social media coordinator. Hi, I write these posts! I am dressed as the great frontiersman Daniel Boone. When I am not in my coonskin hat I am creating the great content that you see in this blog!


Elijah is our North Eastern Sales Representative and this is his first year with Soma! Elijah is the contact for the following states: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island! We think that Elijah will take home the grand prize today as an Area 51 Alien and Kevin Hart!


Patrick also works in marketing – we make the entire department dress up! Patrick is dressed up as a rocket ship and he is ready to take off and bring his son who is an astronaut, trick or treating!

Make Sure to Check all of the Candy

Every year circulates reminders to check your children’s candy for safety. This includes reading every label for an allergy such as egg, nuts, gluten, or even some fruit flavors. It is a standard to not consume any treats that are homemade or any that have a wrapper that is open. Do not eat any fruit. Parents need to check the candy to make sure there is no foul play involved with the packaging of the candy.

Our Top Costume Picks

We love a good costume that is either relevant, funny, or done very well. So far we think Elijah is going to win in our costume competition later for his Area 51 Alien and Kevin Hart costume! We would however give top picks to anyone who could pull off a C-Arm or an anesthesia machine costume! Also, we have a special place in our hearts for anyone who dresses up as a nurse or doctor!

Spooky Final Thoughts

Did you know about the teal pumpkin project? Have you heard of people with Autism carrying blue pumpkins? What are you dressing up as this year? Are you going to make certain that you thoroughly check all of your children’s candy to make certain that it is safe for consumption? Did you know some dentists have a candy buyback program where they will buy your children’s uneaten candy and donate it to homeless shelters or food pantries? Is Halloween your favorite holiday? On behalf of Soma, we would like to wish you a scare-tastic, gobblinly good, phantomly fantastic Halloween! Comment below! Also, Soma likes Reeses’ cups 😛

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