Today is April Fool’s Day!

April 1, 2019
April Fools Day

Today is April Fool’s Day!

April 1st marks a day of many things. This is the unofficial start of Spring, and more commonly, April Fool’s Day! Traditionally people play pranks or jokes on one another which we hope aren’t harmful! Continue reading to learn more about the history and traditions of April Fool’s Day.

The History

According to some historians, April Fool’s has been around since we switched to the Gregorian Calendar. Apparently, the beginning of the year would be April 1st, and when it switched, it switched to January 1st. Tricks were played on people who believed that April 1st was the beginning of the new year.

Traditional Pranks

  • Setting alarms to go off at different times
  • Putting medical tape or a sling on your arm
  • Faking an illness – although being in the health care market we don’t suggest this
  • Replacing the cream on desserts with toothpaste
  • Making up a tiny rumor about a family member
  • Inventing a new animal

Actual April 1st Events

  • The dollar sign is created
  • US troops land in Okinawa
  • Marvin Gaye is killed by his father
  • General Hospital premiers
  • The British Royal Air Force is created in 1918
  • The Panama Canal is transferred to Panama

Final Thoughts

Have you ever played any of these tricks on anyone? Is there a memorable trick that you have played or had played to you that you would like to comment on? Write it below in our comments section!

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