Therapy Animals

Therapy Animals

Tuesday Thoughts: What Are The Benefits of Therapy Animals?

Mostly everyone has seen some version of a therapy animal. The animals are usually a dog, or maybe a cat, but within the last year, a woman tried to bring an emotional support peacock on a plane. With so many people owning therapy animals, or work environments allowing dogs; we were wondering, what are the benefits of therapy animals? Read more to learn how therapy animals benefit people with mental health issues.

Therapy Animals as Beneficial for Health

The argument can be made that most pets bring love and joy to people. However, emotional support and therapy animals receive special training on how to cope with the needs of their owners. Veterans who served in war action and emergency medical responders are recommended to handle their stress in different forms. This can come as coping mechanisms, yoga, meditation, and hobbies that relieve stress. Sometimes, people with mental disorders can benefit from the company of an animal with devoted attention to their personal needs.

Therapy Animals

Sometimes people can find that their PTSD, anxiety, or depression, can be soothed by snuggling or petting their support animal. Cuddling with an animal releases dopamine in the brain, which is the feel-good chemical. This reduces anxiety and makes people feel better about their current mood. The animal itself becomes the support system for its owner. If you think you may want a therapy animal, it is best to do your research on if you can handle taking care of a pet and the responsibilities.

Final Thoughts

Do you have a therapy animal? Do you have a favorite type of therapy animals such as a golden retriever, a labrador, or a poodle? Have you ever used a therapy animal? What are some benefits that you have noticed? Comment below!

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