Why Do Humans Like Baby Animals?

April 26, 2018
Why do human's like baby animals? - Soma Technology, Inc.

Why do human's like baby animals? - Soma Technology, Inc.

Why Do Humans Like Baby Animals?

It is almost undeniable that humans love babies, and they certainly love baby animals. Have you ever wondered why humans have such visceral reactions to the sight of a baby, or to a newborn or small animal?

Cuteness Factor

Of course, the main reason that people enjoy baby animals is that they are very cute. Babies are miniature versions of their future selves. Humans are conditioned to love their own babies. Baby animals share traits with human babies. Human babies and baby animals share large eyes, a large head, small nose, and round bodies. Animals with fur have an extra dose of added cuteness because it makes humans want to pet them. Their features invoke empathy and nurturing feelings.

Stress Relief

Looking at pictures of baby animals is proven to reduce stress. We relax, and our blood vessels become enlarged. Petting animals has also been proven to help people relax. This is why service dogs are assigned to people who suffer from PTSD. You can enjoy viewing our employee’s pets here.

Importance of Habitat Preservation

While baby animals are very cute, it is important that we preserve their habitats. Animals all over the world deserve to have a healthy earth. As humans, we have the ability to change how we live. We need to stop destroying the habitats of these animals. Deforestation, climate change, the melting Arctic, and a surplus of plastic in the oceans are killing animals and leading to the extinction of species.

At Soma Technology, we are committed to a green standard. We refurbish equipment that would otherwise end up in a landfill. The recycling of equipment limits any energy used to make new products, reducing our carbon footprint. In our office, we recycle to limit any chance of deforestation.

Final Thoughts

Do you have a favorite animal? Some of the people in our office love penguins, peacocks, koalas, giraffes, pandas, manatees, lions, tigers, and bears oh my. Also, today is World Penguin Day, so please raise awareness for the some of the cutest arctic creatures! Waddle, waddle.

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