World Cancer Day 2019

February 4, 2019
World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day 2019

Today is World Cancer Day. The medical community uses this day to remind everyone that cancer is an awful indescribable disease that will affect one in two people during their lifetime. The chances are very high that you have known someone who has battled cancer at some point in their life. Continue reading to learn more about World Cancer Day, and how we can continue to battle the effects of a cancer diagnosis.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is defined as an abnormal growth, sometimes a tumor, that drains the body of resources and may migrate to other parts of the body. Tumors develop their network of resources through angiogenesis. Angiogenesis occurs when the tumor creates its route of blood vessels and veins and steals nutrients from other parts of the body, to feed and grow the tumor. Sometimes, cells break off from the tumor transfer through these vessels, and go to other parts of the body. When a cancer cell starts a tumor in another part of the body, it is called metastasizing. Common cancers that people tend to get include breast, stomach, pancreatic, lung, blood, colon, skin, and esophageal.

How Does One Get Cancer?

It is completely uncertain how people get cancer, but it can be composed down to a few factors. The first factor, is the most unlucky characteristic, in that it is largely genetic. It is incredibly difficult to change our genetics, without being exposed to radiation, or being an astronaut. Sometimes, lifestyle plays a role as well. People who are overweight, have a poor diet or have low exercise rates may get cancer faster or more frequently than those who do not. People who also expose themselves to known carcinogens such as radiation, tobacco, chemicals, metals, and mold, will be much more likely to develop cancer.

Tips on How To Combat Cancer Diagnoses

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • Join a support group for patients or patient’s families
  • Attend therapy
  • Find a hobby
  • Practice meditation
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Rest when you need to, and get a good night’s sleep
  • Perhaps think about getting a therapy animal
  • Talk with loved ones and friends
  • Attend all doctor’s appointments

Last Thoughts

Are you a cancer survivor? If you feel comfortable, please comment on your story underneath. What type of cancer did you have? How long have you been in remission? If you are still currently battling your cancer, Soma Technology wishes you the strength to continue fighting. There is a large portion of research that dictates those who fair better have stronger support networks. Make certain to keep a loved one in communication and contact.

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