World Down Syndrome Day

March 21, 2019
Down Syndrome

World Down Syndrome Day

There are over 6,00 babies born every year that have Down syndrome. That equates to roughly 1 in 690 babies having this mutation. Today we want to raise awareness for those who have been diagnosed with Down syndrome. Continue reading more about Down Syndrome.

What is Down Syndrome

Also known as Trisomy 21, Down syndrome is a third mutation of the 21st chromosome. This means that every cell in the body has a third copy of chromosome 21, making this a genetic disorder. Physiological characteristics of Down syndrome include a small head relative to the body, a protruding tongue, upward-slanted eyes, a short neck, and a flattened face. Developmental delays, intellectual disability, delayed language, and memory issues are also associated complications.

Is There a High Incidence?

While this is mostly a genetic disease, it can happen to anyone. Cell division produces a third copy of the 21st chromosome in each cell’s nucleus. There is a high incidence of Down syndrome in babies born to older mothers, those with a family history of Down syndrome, and those who already have a child with the disease as well.

How to Treat Someone With Down Syndrome

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. It is best to follow the golden rule to treat others how you would want to be treated.

What About The Crazy Socks?

In support of raising awareness for Down Syndrome, people around the country are wearing mismatched crazy socks. The idea is that someone points out that this person has mismatched socks, and then it generates a conversation about Down syndrome.

Final Thoughts

Are you wearing crazy socks today to raise awareness of Down’s syndrome? Do you have a pair of crazy socks that you love? Do you know anyone who has Down Syndrome? Comment below!

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